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Sorry I haven’t written on the blog lately. From the very second I arrived home from our basstastic good time at Lake Toho, I have been chained to my computer tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard on my book. I’m racing the clock on the final weeks until my (revised) deadline. Assuming all things go according to schedule, it will be released in the fall!

And speaking of schedules, there has been a one-week delay on our Bass 2 Billfish TV episode. Instead of airing this week, it will premiere next week on VERSUS:

Friday March 25th 1:30pm EST

Saturday March 26th 11:00am EST

Sadly I won’t even be able to see the premiere because the Professor and I will be camping in Live Oak Florida for our 3rdtrip to Springfest. You may recall our first trip to Springfest in 2008 was our very first date. (Cue the harps. ) And then our second trip was last year….anyone want to take the over/under on whether or not I get the Professor to don a manskirt this year?

So PLEASE, for me, tune in to watch Bass 2 Billfish next week and let me know how the episode goes! Just to whet your whistle, how I about I give you a few hints….




Showstopper bass was caught by yours truly on live bait. Our guide, bass pro Terry Segraves, lent me his actual weigh-in bag from the tour and we weighed it for the cameras…


Tune in next week 3/25 and 3/26 on VERSUS to see the official poundage!

In the meantime you might get a kick out of watching our audition video that landed us the spot on the TV show. The Professor was VERY reluctant to participate in this endeavor on every level, but he was such a natural on camera that of course the producers picked him! And he will be the first to admit that the trip and the shoot was a total blast.

Spoiler alert. The video gets more hilarious toward the end after we’ve had a number of Janie’s margaritas at Matt’s El Rancho and proceed to stalk Dale Watson at the Broken Spoke….

Finally, many thanks to professional photographer Rick Sorensen who took over 4000 still photos on the tv shoot. He was kind enough to share at least 1000 with me. He is very talented and when he has his website up and running I will make sure to share the url with everyone. Cheers!!

13 Responses to “Kiss My Bass”
  1. Jody says:

    Awesome bass! I can’t wait for the episode to air!

  2. thanks jody! me too. hate we are going to miss it real time. but hopefully we can tape it and watch when we get back from springfest. plus it will air another 7 times…

  3. Fish360 says:

    What is your book about?

  4. Fish Porn says:

    Hey this is great! Congrats on being selected for the show. Now you gotta start catching some big lunkers on a top water fly and you’ll really be hooked!

    Looking forward to watching!

  5. Fish360 — I am writing a book about the legendary canoe race called The Texas Water Safari. It’s a 4-day 262 mile nonstop paddling race from central texas to the coast. Am chronicling my experience with the training and competition. I did the racelast summer.

    Fish Porn– Thanks a million! let me know what you think when you see the episode. it’s a great show, hope our episode is as entertaining as the others we’ve seen so far. and yes….I would LOVE to get bass on topwater…

    we might be bass fishing again soon, but here in TX this time. we’ll see. today we might go check on the trout on the Guadalupe…


  6. I’m a wishin’ that I was fishin’ for bass!!! That has to be next up…

  7. Wayne says:

    Grew up fishing for bass in Texas, now spend time fishing summers in Alaska on the Alagnak.
    I miss the old bass fishing days, but one king salmon on a fly is another world all together.
    Best wishes with your book.
    Love the photos!!!

  8. Thanks a million Wayne! I have never been to Alaska…someday. sounds incredible. Do you get VERSUS up there? If so, watch the bass show Bass2Billfish this fri or sat and you can see me catch that fun bass! It was a great time for sure. Hope things are going welll in Alaska for you. Cheers!

  9. basa are good stuff. have caught few small ones on flyrod and its really fun. even though spinng rod with live bait, the BIG one was fun too! at some point big is big and it’s just really fun!!

  10. Swamp Thing says:

    Very cool! My inlaws just bought a place in South Florida and so I watch every episode of B2B now!

  11. We are definitly B2B fans now too, we watch every episode. Peter Miller is a great host, he is hilarious. and very gracious to his guests! Hope our episode doesn’t disappoint. let me know what you think!

    our episode premieres this Fri at 1:30 est and then again on Sat at 11am est

    Cheers Swamp

  12. Mike Herron says:

    Hi Christine I was sitting in my living room watching Versus and low and behold who do I see? You guessed it The Fly Fish Chick chuck’n shinners. What fun and nice fish to good job learning a new fishing style. However do you think you could have hung some of those bass on big gold clousers? You and the proffesor did great it was fun watching you fish. Tight Lines Mike

  13. HAHA! Thanks a million Mike! It was a fun fishing trip, great crew…

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