Gene Wilder is Funny and all, but Frankenstein Can’t Stay for Dinner


The latest conservation/culinary concern involves genetically modified salmon, often referred to as Frankenfish. This is seriously scary stuff.

Fly Fishing blogs have long been advocating diners and chefs choose wild salmon over farm raised, since supporting farm raised salmon increases the chance that the farmed salmon would escape and co-mingle with the wild ones. With Frankenfish the fear is even more intense. No longer mere country-bumpkin farm-raised salmon, these genetically engineered freak fish are a mind-boggling threat if integrated with our delicate wild salmon population.

To quote Chris Wood TU Capitano,

“The FDA is close to approving genetically modified salmon for human consumption. This decision could be disastrous for wild salmon in the U.S. and around the world. We simply can’t let it happen.

Click here to read more about the negative effects of Frankenfish on the Deneki Fishing Blog.

I’m an easy sell on this conservation conversation. I don’t like scary movies at all, so Frankenfish really don’t do it for me. And while I kinda like Gene Wilder, I like my Salmon Wilder.

Just last night I experimented cooking my own wild salmon dish:

  • one pound wild salmon, skin side down on a pyrex dish lightly coated with olive oil
  • I seasoned the top of the salmon with fresh thyme, salt and pepper
  • I baked it low at 200 degrees for 50 minutes (until fish flakes)
  • I served the salmon over sautéed spinach and a puree of cauliflower/polenta/goat cheese

The Professor was impressed. My new wifey points skyrocketed. And I earned some good fishing karma.



11 Responses to “Gene Wilder is Funny and all, but Frankenstein Can’t Stay for Dinner”
  1. Harry says:

    Boy, that sounded great until you got to the spinach and cauliflower part. I know, I know-it’s healthy! I usually go the baked potato & grilled green beans route with salmon.

    And I did “click here”.

  2. Haha! Believe me The Professor wasn’t too keen on the pureed cauliflower. Neither is Little Chick. I tell them both it is just POLENTA and they have to believe that deep down to dig in. But they love it. Goat cheese, and a little butter & salt make anything work

    Thanks for replying!! Hope you’re having a great week Harry!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    GE salmon is not the way to go, but there needs to be an option for all the salmon lovers out there; because lets face it, people are not going to quit eating all that delicious pink goodness.

    Aquaculture for these carnivorous fish (as well as others) presents many dangers for wild populations. Moreover, purchasing wild salmon might not be the answer either. Harmful fishing techniques are used in most instances, which results in TONS of bycatch. Check out the below link for a seafood buying guide.

    Your salmon recipe sounds absolutely divine. I never thought of mixing cauliflower and polenta…mmmm

  4. Thanks for weighing in Stephanie. passion always welcome. especially with links!

    I don’t know where I got the idea for mixing cauliflower and polenta with goat cheese (online?) but trust me it is DELISH. add a little salt and butter for flavor. I used to try it in the blender and that was kinda tough. came out lumpy. but I am unleashed with my new food processor. EASY SMOOTH AND CREAMY. I make it regularly these days.

  5. Fred Telleen says:

    Wild Salmon is one of natures perfect foods. Sounds like you honored it well. Frankenfish are more scarry than Frankenstein, because they will reproduce in the Wild and muck things up even more. I advocate selective harvest of wild salmon with fly rods!

  6. Melissa says:

    Being the mom of a fly fisherman with some serious science credentials, I hear in detail (like, to the cellular level) the dangers of messing with the wild salmon population. Along with supporting Trout Unlimited, there’s also Save Our Wild Salmon.

    I love how you were able to weave together wild salmon, GMO politics, cauliflower and Gene Wilder into one post and do it with humor and style. And all from your soapbox! That’s the sign of really good writing.

    P.S. Your meal sounds delicious (and healthy). Hope you were wearing a fetching apron while dazzling the professor with your culinary skills. Man, you’ve got it all!

  7. Turnip Truck Driver says:

    …….. you want a Monster taste? – a Frankenfooter with slaw.

  8. Anthony says:

    I agree that these bad boys getting into the wild and popping out some babies is bad, but I can’t help playing devils advocate and thinking that for every farm raised fish someone eats, that’s a wild salmon still in the wild that maybe one day will dance on the end of my line. (Although wild salmon does taste a world better than one from a tank.)

  9. Pato says:

    Great blog. Noel Coward could not have handled genetic engineering, conservation, and culinary arts with more wit.

    On the subject of conservation and salmon (and steelehead) check out the DVD- Rivers of a Lost Coast.

  10. I LOVE this post. Frankenfish scares me on SO many levels, the biggest one actually being that only a few escaping into our streams can eradicate the entire wild salmon population in less than 6 generations. The health ramifications are enormous but hopefully people make smarter choices that buy genetically engineered fish of any kind. The omega 6 levels are dramatically imbalanced (decimating Omega-3 levels to almost nil), and are fed high levels of antibiotics and GRAIN. GREAT post!
    The Detox Diva recently posted..Is Your Dinner on Prozac?My Profile

  11. and we know about the inflammatory properties of GRAIN! (I believe, I believe! just so hard to reduce the grain but I AM trying!)

    wild salmon, that’s pretty easy. win win for our bodies and the environment!

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