Bite The Bullet Points

Okay, friends. My life has been moving faster than the Missouri River which is currently raging below Holter Dam, expected to reach 10,000 cfs today. Fingers crossed, the precarious balance of temperature and precipitation will yield a productive Montana fishing trip for us later this month. But we are fully prepared for a massive spur-of-the-moment run-off at any time. Stay tuned.

Since I haven’t had time to fish lately, I thought I would share a few bullet points about what’s been keeping me so frazzled:

I finally submitted the complete manuscript of ‘PADDLEFISH’ one day ahead of my deadline. Of course it was an extended deadline but we won’t focus on that. Somewhere, as we speak, Tosh Brown is sequestered in a bunker slashing my text with a red pen. Progress is happening. We are still marching toward an Oct release.

fly fish chick feather extensions I have a true confession. Despite bad news that the new feather extension hair trend is eating up fly tying materials and causing prices to skyrocket for tiers, I crossed over the dark side and allowed Little Chick to get her own feather extensions. (Here she is on the right with her new fashion statement.) Fearful her grandfather would cut them out in the middle of the night while she slept to use for flies, she promised to share them when they fall out next month (just in time for peak MT trout fishing) so we can use them to tie up some buzzballs.

Last week I gave presentations to an Austin fishing/hunting club called Woods and Water as well as the San Gabriel Fly Fishing Club in Georgetown. Big thanks to both groups for such great fun! I love getting out and speaking to people. Am waiting for my publicist to schedule my national tour. (Am also waiting for an out-of-work publicist to take me on pro bono.) In the meantime I think it’s time well spent searching eBay for a used RV that I can wrap with the PADDLEFISH book cover and the FFC logo.

I was in Nashville this weekend for a combo wedding and Mothers Day celebration. Among the whirlwind schedule I found a minute to visit my friends at Flysouth, one of my favorite flyshops. They have a shiny brand new store in a new location that is swanky. The first flyshop I’ve been to with a private theater with red velvet cinema seats. Gotta love a flyshop with a makeout room.

After Flysouth we met family friend singer-songwriter Marshall Chapman for burgers at Rotiers. Fun fun lunch. Marshall has performed with the likes of Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffet, John Prine, and other greats. Not to mention she is a badass in her own right. In addition to a multi-decade music career that includes performing in a TN women’s prison on Halloween, she has written an off-Broadway play and published two books. She offered me some poignant advice and timely support in my own book publishing journey.

Austin friends please help me welcome Marshall Chapman to Austin in a few weeks! She will be at Book People for a book signing on Fri 5/20 and then performing at Cactus Cafe Sat 5/21. I will remind yall later, but go ahead and put it on your calendar for now.

The Bass2Billfish producers posted a two-minute video clip from my bass fishing episode. If you missed the full show on Versus and want to mainline the crux of the episode (ie, the big bass), take a look at this.

The chaos continues. Tomorrow I am headed to Waco for the day to shoot a brief video for Mutual of Omaha’s online campaign about life’s AHA Moments. So excited they asked me to participate!

The rest of the month is filled with editing, travel, editing, end-of-school celebrations, editing…and…a quick five day primer trip to Montana. Fingers crossed on those flows.

Cheers for now.

7 Responses to “Bite The Bullet Points”
  1. Melissa says:

    I love you! Anyone who can seamlessly flow from drink-stirring raccoon penises to feathered hair extensions with such racy grace and tarty eloquence gets my vote for best writer around.

    You need to hook up with Griffin when you come to Colorado for your book tour. We’ll do some PR work for you (not sure how good we are, but we’re cheap and in the outdoor business). Plus, Griffin can take you out fishing. I’ll feed you dinner (bok choy and burdock root), give you wine (so you won’t know what you’re eating) and take you to Outdoor Divas (great outdoorsy shop).

    PS: Little Chick is growing up fast! She’s a doll. Love the hair extension.

  2. Spartanburg spawns only the best in music.

  3. spartanburg is coming to austin….this weekend!

  4. Bob says:

    Spring has been filled with work and graduations. All good, but I planned more fishing on my dance card. Now summer is here and I’m at least 2 months behind. Where are you? I need a fishing adventure!

  5. Jim@FFO says:

    Always ‘donate’ 30% more words than you think are necessary to give the editors something to eat.

  6. I can easily say I had plenty of words to spare. We have been butchering for weeks! Getting there…

  7. I hear ya! It’s been a crazy busy six weeks. Am decompressing in montana and will start looking for fish today…

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