Wooly Catches Mammoth

The Professor and I enjoyed a spectacular day spring creek fishing with friends Tammy & Eric in the Ruby Valley. Yall have heard me talk about Eric, he and Ryan own Sunrise Flyshop. When I have a computer and more time remind me to post pictures of the homemade “pate” that Eric concocted that tickled me to no end and was really quite delicious.

But back to fishing. Glorious weather. Spring creeks offering safe harbour from the choas of high rivers. PMD hatch. Everyone else was making it happen with dries but I was sticking with my little black woolybugger. Big chase and huge eat from this chunkalicious rainbow…


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  1. Sheila Ihde Murawski says:

    I was reading the Washington Post this morning with one ear on the Today Show, when I heard those magic words, “fly fishing.” Turns out that Henry (“Happy Days”) Winkler has written a book called, “I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River.” So that reminded me to check out your blog, which I hadn’t done for a while. Congratulations on PADDLEFISH!! I’m so happy that you are about to become a published author. I’m looking forward to publication and YOUR appearance on the Today Show. I have a special shelf for books by people I know (and, yes, a few of them are former students). I will be so proud to add you to the collection!

    All the best to you and Little Chick (who should be renamed Little Chic as long as she sports those feathers).

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