Brown is the New Black

We were in Montana for 2.5 weeks ready-to-wear the trout out, but record snowpack and high water were the big  statewide trend, limiting our runway to play. But with a little creative ingenuity we found fishable trout streams and uncovered some gems. The big buzz? Brown trout are all the rage this season.

Henry's Fork

henry's fork night float

henry's fork second brown

henry's fork power float

northfork 1

big brown trout 2  northfork blackfoot july 4th trip


big brown trout

8 thoughts on “Brown is the New Black

  1. Great pic’s…run off has blown our rivers out to, but like you found out, high water and flood banks means more meat in the drink…more meat is more nasty browns…life can be good!!

  2. Great fishing! I’d love to get that way some day; I’m over here on the east coast. Been reading around the archives and you have a great blog here.

  3. Great pictures! I haven’t been fishing in MT in a while so it is fun to read about your adventures and see some pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Have you tried any of the many small lakes like Coors,Reeser,Deadmans or Cooney? They are fun to fish in a float tube.The Big Horn River is also a great destination.

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