We have been back in Montana for about one week and while we have been on the water a bit, mostly we have been enjoying family, laughing a ton and eating extremely well.

In terms of the fishing, highlights include: floating the Missouri with my new niece (the Professor’s niece) who tricked a few fish into eating on top including two takes on a fly we were told would absolutely not work. Next was floating the Big Hole with the Professor, Little Chick and my parents. Highlight was how hard Little Chick fished and the big rainbow that came unbuttoned on her. Yesterday we all had a blast on the Madison where we caught a record number of trout in the 6-10 inch range.

Where to start with the food? One day we ventured to Augusta to look at the art at Latigo and Lace. We left with many goodies, including a 1950s vintage leather western jacket and some cowboy boots Miss Kitty wore in Gunsmoke. We celebrated our shopping across the street at the Buckhorn Bar with copious amounts of fried food including jalapeno cheese tater tots, mozarella sticka and cheesy curly fries.

That night we feasted at home with family on delicious ribeyes grilled to perfection by my brother-in-law Randy. My mother cooked the rest including off-the-chart mixed berry cobbler, topped with homemade whipped cream that niece Margaret made with nephew Jack’s careful consultation.

Sadly the next evening wasn’t nearly as delightful. My mother, Little Chick and I dined at Izaaks in Craig which is under new management. I had heard negative reports and wow, they were right. Across the board the service was so atrocious and it was such a negative experience we are struggling to ever go back. To be fair, the manager was very apologetic and my mom’s pasta was delish. But they have some work to do there.

We turned things around the next night in Sheridan with the Professor on the grill. Incredible pork tenderloin, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, topped off with key lime pie. All made for great leftovers on the river the next day…

Then we had a splendid family dinner the next night at the Old Hotel in Twin Bridges!! Calamari, rabbit cacciatore, scallops, steaks, risotto. It was fantastic and we loved our server Rachel, who by the way had just eloped with her new husband after they had only spent three days together. Romantic!

And of course, after fishing the Madison yesterday, we couldn’t pass through Ennis without stopping in at our favorite: Banditos. Great to see our friend Scott and take my parents for their first time. After we all shared the Queso Fundido appetizer of cheese, potato, peppers and chorizo, I had the crab enchiladas. They were so good last night that I might just have the leftovers for breakfast.

Today we are switching gears. Less food, more fishing. After many chores we will head back over to the Missouri later today. While my pounds are on the rise, the Mo has finally dropped and is holding steady round 10k. No time to worry about the bathroom scales, our minds are on fish scales. Stay tuned for the report…

(One more update from the past week. We finalized the PADDLEFISH manuscript and sent it to the designer. We are in a new phase! The book is in layout, they are working on a map and cover design, we are trying to pick the interior photo shots. Progress!!)


3 Responses to “Scales”
  1. Rod says:

    Jeez! I gained 5 pounds reading this blog. Thanks, Rod

  2. Newell says:

    The Missouri has gone down but still muddy at James Kipp Recreation Area but not as bad as it was in July.As of last week end the camp site were still close but greatly improved.


  3. Mark Coleman says:

    Fresco Cafe @ 7th & Lamme in Bozeman, best kept secret in Montana.

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