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Before I turn this post into a trippy, winding conversation about music, let me give you the latest update on the book. The publisher has posted an excerpt on his website so click here if you’d like to read Chapter Two. As exciting as it is to see my words posted on his website, I can’t imagine how much fun it is going to be to have the actual book in hand! October. We are still tracking for an October release.

And now, about the music…

christine warren 099 A few weeks ago after a day of fishing on the Big Hole with the Professor, Little Chick and my parents, we enjoyed a fantastic meal at the Old Hotel in Twin Bridges. Somehow (and by somehow I mean after lots of wine) we came up with the hilarious idea of turning my soon-to-be-published book into a musical theater production, PADDLEFISH THE MUSICAL.

I can’t share all the bizarre song ideas and choreography that we brainstormed…because I don’t remember them. But trust me, it was riotous. You see, I know my musicals. When I was a kiddo, my mother used to take me down to the Dallas County Fairgrounds or where ever that is where they host the Texas State Fair and the Cotton Bowl. Well, they would also show Broadway musicals year round. So I am well-prepped for a Broadway sing-off anywhere, anytime. Bring it. Sound of Music, Oklahoma, The King and I, My Fair Lady, Cats, Evita.

Oh, give me a balcony and I can rock ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’.

While an off off off Broadway musical production of PADDLEFISH is likely not in the cards, nor in my publishing agreement, music was a very big part of the whole race experience, from training to the finish line. For example…

Don’t forget that yall helped create a killer and comprehensive playlist of river songs to keep me inspired in the months leading up to the race.

And of course there were the songs I listened to at the gym on the rowing machine on my playlist ‘Row Against the Machine’. Favorites to fake row to include: Errtime, Jive Talkin’, Mo Money Mo Problems, Nasty Girl, Workin’ Day and Night, and lots lots more.

Plus there were the tunes Banning and I sang to pass the time during training runs in the canoe, especially the bay training. Mostly good Willie Nelson and many rounds of Janis Joplin’s ‘Me and Bobby McGee’.

Finally, Phil and I came up with our own set of songs to sing during the actual race. The only musical genre that we both knew (and could remember the lyrics to in our sleep-deprived state) seemed to be Soft Rock from the 70s. We rocked a lot of Firefall, Eagles, Don McLean and Jimmy Buffet. The main songs we sang over and over and over were: ‘You Are The Woman’, ‘Take It Easy’, and ‘American Pie’. Oh, and a rendition of Jimmy Buffet’s ‘Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw’…but we changed the lyrics to sing about Team Paddlefish and the race.

And because you probably aren’t spinning these tunes on your ipod today, I have taken the liberty of pulling them together in a little playlist for you. I dare you not to enjoy this nostalgic musical jaunt back to the 70s…

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[if you are reading this post via email, you may need to click through to my site to view/listen to the playlist. cheers.]

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