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departure publishing books I’m about as current as leg warmers these days. I’m going about 1000 different directions (things like school supplies and science textbook covers) so mea culpa if this seems like old news to you, but I am very excited. I just got copies of the two biggest fly fishing books of 2011.

Departure Publishing (yes, coincidentally my very own publisher) has released two fantastic fly fishing books this year and I can’t wait to devour them cover to cover.

The first is KEEPER by Martin Donovan, a British streamkeeper. I’m told it’s a raucously funny take on storied English trout streams. I am already loving the “Foreigner’s Guide to the Queen’s English” included at the front. Bullocks, I need a quid to buy a pint and settle in with a good read….

The second book, THE BLITZ is by my friend over at Fishing Jones, Pete McDonald as well as Tosh Brown. Pete wrote the stories, Tosh took the photos. It’s a coffee table book about stripers and eastern seaboard saltwater fishing and will make you want to get on the water stat.

Congrats to my Departure Publishing brethren on two very exciting fishing books! Run, don’t walk, to get copies for your library.

And since we are talking about books…it seems fitting to tell you that as of yesterday afternoon we have a cover concept for my book. Which is convenient because it goes to the printer in two days.


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  1. Kirk Werner says:

    Despite what they say, you CAN judge a book by its cover, and yours looks great! Congrats, and here’s to a best-seller!

  2. Thanks Kirk! That means a lot, especially from a published author.


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