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christine warren redfish 02It’s as if I placed the fly right in the middle of the dining room table. Like setting a platter of fried chicken in front of a hungry family, blessing-said, napkins in laps, rarin’ to eat. I saw this redfish tailing, aimed for it, and quickly realized there were actually three fish bearing down on the fly. The frenzy generated enough buzz to make this guy pounce.

That’s one thing I love about saltwater fishing. I’ve seen it happen with redfish, and bonefish too. Sometimes, much to my delight, they will fall prey to competitive panic that the person on their left or right might get the crispiest, juiciest piece of fried chicken and so they start throwing bows to get their choice piece of bird. Or shrimp. Or fly-meant-to-imitate-a-shrimp.

We have been enjoying many wonderful family-style meals this week here in Mobile, with both in-town and out of town family and friends. Countless blessings and amidst a backdrop of shrimp and celery salad, crab soup, New Orleans-style roast beef poboys, smoked turkey, pimento cheese, shrimp gumbo, corn salad, red beans and rice. It’s a basic law of nature (not to mention basic law in the South) that when you need a dose of comfort, nothing does the trick like family and comfort food.

And stealing away to fish in the marsh for a few hours in the morning.

christine warren redfish 01

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