Salt Lickin’ My Wounds

I am feeling just a tinge sorry for myself because the Professor is on a guys’ trip in Montana hunting and (here comes the green-with-envy part) fishing as we speak. I think the Missouri is fishing pretty well right now so fingers crossed they will have some good dry fly action. Supposedly the hoppers and terrestrials have been terrific late in the day.

Before he left we enjoyed a very decadent Saturday together which kicked off at the famed Salt Lick. The weather was gorgeous so while waiting on our table we lounged outdoors at the Salt Lick Cellar where we tasted wines from the Salt Lick vineyard.

Then, it was time for the show. 

salt lick pecan pies

I am happy to report that after his debut visit to the Salt Lick, the Professor deemed that it “well exceeded all the hype.”

He flew away to the 406 yesterday but I decided to keep the Austin culinary adventure alive with a visit to the much ballyhooed Izzoz Taco trailer.

izzoz sign izzoz

I am still heartbroken since my true love, Nueva Onda, closed its doors but I realize I need to try and find a new breakfast taco relationship in the hood. At Izzoz I abandoned my usual controlling, special order mentality and tried to be open to selecting something straight off the menu.

I almost pulled it off. I ordered the Fried Avocado taco (lightly tempura fried avocado was pretty damn good) and the Old School taco – but I had to exchange the cheddar for queso. I mean really. How could you not?


All in all it was a good date with Izzoz. But let’s be honest, it’s a rebound relationship, I’m not over Nueva Onda yet. I really like Izzoz — as a friend.

Then I had to try another relatively new neighborhood spot, La Patisserie, a little french coffee shop and bakery.

la patisserie sign

The french music was lovely, the pastry case fantastique…

la patisserie case


I went with a classic pan au chocolat slightly warmed…

pan au chocolat

Which disappeared before my eyes.

clean plate club

Le fin.

4 Responses to “Salt Lickin’ My Wounds”
  1. Steve Z says:

    I must get back to Austin. That pile of meat in the first photo almost made me hop in the car and drive 1,800 miles. I miss good barbeque.

  2. I saw it with my own eyes, I took that picture myself, and yet I can’t stop looking at it in awe. it was quite a treat

  3. Craig says:

    I miss the Salt Lick. When I was stationed at Ft. Hood, we’d stop in with our coolers of beer and dig into the family style. Always left with a full tummy and doggie bag.

  4. oh my gosh it’s such a good scene out there. the wait is not even a problem because it’s so fun to be out in the hill country, they had a band playing stunes outside. the wine cellar is a nice touch as well. but the food, the food is the draw. the ribs were out of sight!!!

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