Would You Like Fries With That?

paddlefish drive thru 2 I am thrilled to announce that ‘PADDLEFISH’ is now available for purchase right here at flyfishchick.com and I would be more than happy to take your order.

Click here if you’d like to order a signed copy and/or need me to write something custom in the front such as “Happy Birthday” or “Hold the Mayo” or “To My #1 FFC Reader”. There’s a little box-form on my book blog page where you can fill in what you’d like it to say.

Click here if you’d rather skip my chicken scratch in the front of the book and just want to go ahead and order/checkout.

If you’d like to supersize it (ie, you want to buy books for your whole family tree to put in their stockings or give out to all your employees at your next team building meeting) then give me a shout at flyfishchick [at] live [dot] com to discuss shipping options.

If you need a little refresher or primer as to what the book is about, take a look at this video that my friend Tim Cole put together. Am also especially grateful to The Band of Heathens and Nathan Hamilton (Texas musicians!) who offered their TX tunes as the soundtrack. I insisted the music had to be 100% Texas homegrown and these local talents were kind enough to support the cause. More lovin’ on these bands in future posts. In the meantime, here’s the sizzle reel:

So there you have it. The FLY FISH CHICK Drive-Thru is open late nite to take your PADDLEFISH value meal deal orders, and this one-woman operation will ship it via good-old fashioned ASAP.

Your unwavering support throughout the race and the book-writing process has been humbling and much appreciated. Thank you again & again!

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  1. great pagglefish :D LOL

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