Wow. Sounds Like I Missed All the Fun at the Shrimp Festival.

Shrimp-Festival-Logo Just a simple conversation I overheard in the airport Monday between two women who didn’t know each other but had both been at the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores. One had been at the Florabama (a legendary sprawling beach bar on the border of Alabama and Florida) late into the night and was worried about that because she’d already been ex-communicated from the Catholic Church and didn’t want to get kicked out of her new church.

The more reserved woman politely made conversation, “The Florabama…is that where you lost your voice?”

The Shaky Vestry Member replied, “No it’s where I lost my shirt.”

Apparently she spent much of the evening dancing on tables and stripping in the street.

I would like to personally thank these ladies for keeping me thoroughly entertained during my six hour airport delay.

2 Responses to “Wow. Sounds Like I Missed All the Fun at the Shrimp Festival.”
  1. bob says:

    I have been to Florabama………..what a wild,wild place. If she was a virgin there is a good chance she could have lost more then her shirt.

  2. That pretty much sums it up!

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