A Diablo Sandwich and A Dr. Pepper and Make It Fast

This weekend we ventured to the annual Texas Book Festival, with two key objectives: to get a signed cookbook with classic Texas fare and meet the mastermind behind one of the greatest movies of all time.

Ancillary perks included dreamy weather, a delightfully mellow scene which was mandatory since Little Chick is recovering from a concussion (she’s going to be fine but had quite a scare that started our Friday in the ER), learning about all sorts of books from fascinating authors, and getting up close and personal with the gorgeous Texas Capitol building.

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We hustled into our seats just in time to hear Lisa Fain start her presentation. Lisa is a food blogger and I have been following her stories since I started blogging myself in 2007. A transplanted Texan living in NYC (I’ve been there, sister! Having my mom ship boxes of canned Ro-Tel to me in Boston) and she blogs about the unique Texas recipes she grew up on. Which are apparently the same ones I grew up on! Now she has published a cook book with the same name as her super successful blog, The Homesick Texan.

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She took every picture in the book herself and the stories that introduce the recipes offer the same comfort and kick that her food does. I knew I loved this bird years ago when she explained on her blog in bold detail how to prepare REAL Texas nachos. Each one individually, not in a junkyard pile with dripping toppings seeping off the edges like an elementary school paper mache volcano project. (My words, not hers.) I’ve been her loyal follower ever since.

I was delighted to see she put the nachos, as well as our mutually firm nacho-stance, in the book.

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Little Chick had to get back into bed to convalesce so I spent the afternoon with my nose in this cookbook, nostalgic for the Texas classics I’ve loved since I was a kid. I tore myself away only because we had one more goal for the book festival.

Alamo Drafthouse showed one of my all time fav flicks Smokey and the Bandit on the big screen and hosted stuntman, director, now-author Hal Needham who directed ‘Smokey’. At 80, let me just say Hal Needham is about one of the most charming men on the planet. I mean, he is coooool.

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Of course, not quite as cool as the Bandit. Yowie. Hubba hubba.

smokey and the bandit

After the movie, the Professor waited in line to purchase a signed copy of Hal Needham’s new book ‘Stuntman’. Mr. Needham was gracious and funny and we are now big time Hal Needham fans.

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And because I know you are probably now humming along to the Smokey and the Bandit theme song (which we sang out loud in the theater at the end of the movie) I thought I would share one of the all-time greatest Jackie Gleason scenes of all time. Enjoy….

I’m headed to Montana on Wednesday for a little fall fishing so in the words of the Bandit….I’ll catch you on the flipside.

4 Responses to “A Diablo Sandwich and A Dr. Pepper and Make It Fast”
  1. Paul Smith says:

    Wow one of my all time favorites as well!!!!!! I split a gyt listening to Jackie Gleason….. Tnx for the memories de Paul N0NBD

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! The director said that Jackie Gleason re-wrote the script every night for the next day’s scenes. He would surprise everyone on set with new lines and it was all Jackie Gleason brilliance. He is hilarious in this movie. Right after this scene is the toilet paper scene — where he walks into the parking lot with toilet paper in his sunglasses. again, jackie gleason’s idea. the director had no idea it was coming.

  3. GSFeder says:

    Christine —

    I just got back from a long weekend in your town (thought about looking you up, but thought it would be too stalkerly). We were at the state capitol, too, though, so we may have crossed paths. We had a full four days — gypsy picnic, 6th Street (I’m too old for that sh**), ate at Polvos (thanks for the recommendation via FFC!), Gueros, Stubbs, and the Salt Lick (well, in the airport, we didn’t have a car) and met John Malkovich on our way to watching the bats leave the South Congress bridge for their nightly hunt. Saw Alan Haynes at Maggie Mae’s and topped the night off with a bourbon, neat, at the Driskill. I dig your town!

  4. What a great report! I am so happy Austin treated you well. Wasn’t it a gorgeous weekend? Glad you had fun, yall give us a shout next time

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