But You Can Blow a Kiss

It’s been a red-hot week here in Mobile, reading, speaking and selling copies of ‘Paddlefish’ at a whole host of book events. On Friday I had my first ever signing in a bookstore. I was at a fantastic independent bookshop called Page & Palette in Fairhope, Alabama. They are known for scheduling topnotch authors and in keeping with their high standards, had hosted Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump, earlier in the week — not to mention Condaleeza Rice just the day before my event!

We’ve had a lot of laughs at the company I’ve been keeping in the press:

paddlefish insert

Well the event on Friday was a smashing success – Thank You Fairhope for coming out to support Paddlefish! Some of my nearest & dearest chick-friends stormed the scene about midway through and adorned me in all sorts of Texas regalia, then commandeered the sign from Condi’s signing the day before:


You know, just in case a wild mob of FFC fans decided to bumrush the signing table all at once. One can’t be too careful, especially since my chief muscle/security (The Professor) opted out of the bookstore gig to go redfishing in the MS marsh — with my heartfelt permission of course. So the sign really was most helpful. I think the part of the sign that had us totally reeling in laughter after NO HANDSHAKES was the fine print, BUT YOU CAN BLOW A KISS.

I think that just about sums it all up. Pucker up friends, I’ll blow you one back!


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  1. Mike Herron says:

    Who knew that this blog would put you in the company of a famous author and a secretary of state. So famous we can’t shake your hand but we can blow you a kiss from afar. But somehow I think the professor had it right he spent the day casting at red fish. There is one thing I believe I know and that is casting to and catching trout, bass and big red fish makes you happy. A grip and grin doesn’t lie the smile on your face as a result of your adventures is real. There is nothing like standing in a marshboat or a hyde casting. Could you give us a list of your upcoming appearences? So we can all pratice our airbourne kisses for our next visit? Congradulations on your on going success and have fun…. Mike

  2. Mike–thanks so much for the kind words. This blog has opened many doors, not the least of which is wonderful new friends. Am so grateful! Check out the events tab on my site to see my signing schedule if you like….cheers!

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