Water Fowl Play

ducksThere is something fishy about these ducks propped in a chair having just been plucked off the wall, but it’s not as malicious as it sounds. Since I have just watched the movie Moneyball, I’d like to think of these ducks as being traded, not flat out cut.

Yall know that the Professor is an avid angler, but what you may not know is that he is also a passionate duck hunter. When we married,  I inherited a vast collection of winged wall art. Which is fine, I have no problem with mounted ducks on the wall.

That is, until I need the space for some bonefish.

You see Professor and I are fans of an artist in Idaho, Smitty, who is a trout fishing guide on the Henry’s Fork. We’ve browsed the website and his collections at Mike Lawson’s flyshop as well as the Henry’s Fork Lodge. We’ve seen his art hanging everywhere from the Trouthunter restaurant in Idaho, to a motel in the Keys. So we’ve been keeping an eye out for the past couple of years, hoping to claim a piece of Smitty’s work for our own.

In a delicious windfall, my parents gave us a hand-me-down Smitty over the holidays…

bones close

It was a real estate issue plain and simple, we needed the duck spot for the bonesfish. As the mounts came down the Professor sighed, “It’s the end of an era.”

Luckily he is in love with our new piece of art and agrees wholeheartedly it is at home in the ducks’ former space.



2 Responses to “Water Fowl Play”
  1. terry says:

    Beautiful painting. I have a wall that would look good with that. Nice reminder to get out and fish!

  2. Richard says:

    I don’t know, bonefish for a nice pair of pintails. I think the Professor is being an overly cautious newlywed.

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