Don’t Turn Into a Cover Band of Your Own Music

I missed my own damn birthday! Four years ago on January 31, 2008 I wrote my first post on FLY FISH CHICK. I’m a day late but thought it was worth a bit of a retrospective since during the lifespan of this blog, so much has happened in my life.

Four years. I can hardly believe it! The same length of time between the Olympics, Presidential elections, leap years. Four years is the amount of time I spent in college. (Before you pat me on the back for getting out on time, I will confess I entered Carolina with 30 hours, technically a sophomore, and barely squeaked out my diploma in four years. Go Heels and God Bless Chapel Hill.)

During the four years of this blog we have talked trout, bonefish, bass, redfish and tarpon. I have made innumerable friends, both in person and virtually although I feel the same about both. I’ve managed to embarrass family every so often with some outlandish blogpost titles (anyone remember the raccoon penis story?) I started dating the Professor, met a publisher, raced in the Texas Water Safari, got married, wrote a book, published a book.

Oh, and Little Chick started middle school.

I’d like to thank each and every one of your for tuning in through the years, it sounds trite, but I literally wouldn’t be doing all this without your feedback, emails, comments. Hey, I’d even like to thank the Russians who are madly comment spamming me right now.

Years ago someone I knew who plays in a blues band once said to me, “You know the worst fate for a band is when they turn into a cover band for their own music.”

I knew precisely what he meant, but nevertheless, I am about to do just that. To celebrate four years, I thought we could take a look at some old posts that make me smile. Not a greatest hits album, just a mini flashback…

Lone Star Trout — my very first post about trout fishing in TX

Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This – bonefishing Bahamas with video montage

Is That A Bonefish In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me – quick post from the Bahamas. The Professor and I had barely started dating and he found the title a tad inappropriate. Hee hee.

Candy, Don’t Take it From a Stranger – This just makes me laugh out loud. The posts we dream up in the off season when there is zero fishing…

Beef or Pork? – generated one of the most vivacious discussions on FFC. Was fun coordinating with the Flytalk blog over from Field and Stream

River Bank Robbers – video montage of my favorite fishing spot in the world, the Missouri River in MT

Lache pas la Patate – my ridiculously difficult quest for a Louisiana redfish

Brown Is The New Black – a look at the gorgeous brown trout we racked up in MT and ID last summer

THANK YOU ALL again and again for letting me talk fishing, food, music, and wandering off course for the past four years. More to come…XXOO

8 Responses to “Don’t Turn Into a Cover Band of Your Own Music”
  1. Richard says:

    Wow, 4 years! Congrats, and that’s a lot of accomplishments. Makes me feel like I need to get my butt in gear.

    …. this is not spam and I’m not Russian…..and the raccoon penis was a funny story

  2. We’ve enjoyed the ride with you FFC. Here’s to four more years. “Four more Years”
    I spent my campaign donation on your new book.
    Nice work Christine.


    PS Say hellow to the Professor

  3. Thanks Richard! It’s been a fun, busy four years for sure. Thanks for following along!

  4. Ha! So basically Headhunters Flyshop is my superpac.

    I dig.

  5. Four years!! Quite an accomplishment. I really love every one of your post. I wish more years for you and FFC!

  6. Congratulation! Great accomplishment!

  7. Thanks a million! Glad you enjoy them…

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