Crane Hatch in Austin. No–not this kind.

I am used to seeing a hatch of these cranes along the Austin skyline…


Photo from Nomadic Pursuits photoblog

but I’ve never seen a hatch of actual crane flies here. As in the bug variety. Also known as Mosquito Hawks. I’ve just never seen them here before, but lately these bugs have been everywhere:

crane fly

They’re on my bathroom ceiling, in the kitchen pantry, behind the couch pillows in the den. I can’t get away from them. Luckily they seem pretty mellow and thoroughly benign.

At first I didn’t know what they were but the Professor called it, crane flies. Immediately I thought of the Beaverhead River.

You see a year or so ago we did a September trip out to Montana and everywhere we went people were gaga about the crane fly hatch on the Beaverhead. Tim Tollett at Frontier Anglers had us hyped and ready with plenty of flies.

crane fly fly pattern

Apparently they were coming off early, sometime around sunrise, and we routinely missed the crane fly hatch every single day we were there.

So it seems what we have here is an old fashioned case of situational irony. There I was in Montana with all the trout in the Beaverhead and not a crane fly to boot. And now, here I am in Austin with so many crane flies in my house I have to keep my lips pursed while typing this for fear of sucking one in. Yet sadly, not one single trout in my little Texas home office.

Very Gift of the Maji.

6 Responses to “Crane Hatch in Austin. No–not this kind.”
  1. Robert says:

    We are having the same hatch down here in Boerne. They have been especially thick this week. They are all over the and around the Live Oak trees.

  2. yes, they are everywhere! some fish in Central Texas are eating well, that’s for sure

  3. Kirk Werner says:

    These are common up here in the Pacific Northwet. The more damp our spring weather, the more epic the hatch. What you need now, is Lawn Trout.

    BTW, diggin’ the new look!

  4. Yes! I need lawn trout! Or some home office trout. I am not at all used to these crane flies in austin. then again, after the 2011 draught I am not used to green grass (might actually be weeds but I don’t care) in my yard. guess the crane flies decided to come with the rain and grass. I’ll take it.

    Thanks for the comment on the new look. glad you like!

  5. Loree Hart says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. My husband called them mosquito hawks but i had no idea that’s what a crane fly was. And I’ve actually fly-fished and tied a little bit. think i need to get out more…

  6. I know how you feel, I need to get out more too…on the water! Thanks for your comment, drop by anytime

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