A Final Dose of Chicken Fried Therapy

In the silky-smooth words of Ray Price, Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over

Some of you might already know that before FLY FISH CHICK, I started a blog called CHICKEN FRIED THERAPY. I wrote stories about life as a divorced mom and all the hilarity that came along with that plus being single in my mid-thirties. (scroll down for sample posts)

CHICKEN FRIED THERAPY survived several seasons as I remarried, started FLY FISH CHICK, wrote and released PADDLEFISH. But for now, I’ve decided to let the curtain fall on CFT and load up all my stories here at FFC.

First and foremost I hope you will welcome the CFT readers who migrate here. (Maybe you can help me lure some over?) I’ve invited them to jump on in and I assured them they would find hilarity and hospitality at FFC.

Second, because I am nostalgic for my early blogposts, I thought some of you FFC loyalists might enjoy reading some. Most are several years old, a few are recent. You won’t find any mention of dry flies, trailer mishaps, or flyshop gossip, but self-deprecating comedy is ever-present. Listed here are a few I think you will like.


So here we go with CFT, one more time, for the good times…

One Plucky Chicken – my very first blogpost ever. About life after divorce and my friendship with Gov Ann Richards

Gypsy Queen – a bizarre and embarrassing story about my night backstage at a Gypsy Kings concert

A Flavor of Moravia – I discover my Moravian roots. (yes, I had to wikipedia Moravia)

Attica! Attica! – the one and only time I’ve ventured into my attic alone. Thankfully I’m remarried so it’ll never have to happen again

I-Pod Therefore I Am – An existential post about how the ipod reshaped my identity. It will seem hilariously archaic now that we have iphones and ipads

Handbag Homicide – my Prada was murdered. Suspect still at large

This Deal Doesn’t Pass The Sniff Test – again, this will seem dated but at the time Little Chick was way into Webkinz and this was a funny parenting moment

Are You Brave Enough To Let Me See Your Peacock – not as dirty as it sounds

The Most Pinteresting Woman in the World – following my “if some is good more is better” theory, I discover Pinterest and remove myself from society for 48 hours to immerse myself in my pinning


Special thanks to the Drumsticks who penned some riotous posts on CFT: Magnolia, Legally Blone, Olive and Hazel. And many thanks to ubertalented friend Will Hornaday who designed the kickass CFT banner, as well as the supercool FFC banner here. Hornaday Design.


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  1. Tom says:

    Hilarious- these are a great read!

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