Beignet There, Done That. Twice.

Lest you think we’ve gone the way of Tony Montana with this white powdery substance on all of our clothes, let me explain. It’s powdered sugar. Powdered sugar from not one, but two trips to Café du Monde for beignets. You see, we have just kicked off Little Chick’s spring break with two days in New Orleans with my parents. We all arrived on Sunday and hit the ground running with a feast at Galatoire’s.


Galatoire’s reigns supreme in our culinary hearts as we enjoyed escargot, fried oysters, fresh crab, grilled pompano and soufflé potatoes.

Then we waddled over to Café du Monde for coffee and beignets.

cafe du monde uno

Monday we ventured over to the World War II Museum which is incredible. I feel like we barely scratched the surface, you could stay in there for days. I was most fascinated with the D Day logistics, including learning about these gliders that were towed over the ocean and dropped to glide onto the beaches at Normandy. Dicey! They were aptly nicknamed “Flying Coffins.”

I became lost from my tribe and wandered most of the museum solo. At one point I saw a woman I thought I knew – turns out she was a total stranger. But she seemed to know a hell of a lot about WWII as she explained each exhibit to her son in detail. I wisely shadowed Woman-From-CT–with-Blonde-Son and eavesdropped and learned a great deal more than I would have on my own.

All in all it was a very patriotic tour and a powerful museum, including the 4-D movie we watched about the war. A thumbs up experience from all of us.

wwii flag

germany surrenders

After a delicious lunch at the Bon Ton (turtle soup, jambalaya, red beans and rice, fried shrimp, etouffe) it was pretty much time to think about dinner. We had friends from Austin who were also spring-breaking in Nola so we met them at Felix’s for raw oysters, po-boys and cold beer (for the grown ups of course!)

We simply couldn’t resist topping off the evening with another trip to Café du Monde for more beignets.

cafe du monde hat pic

This morning we trotted over to Jackson Square where we loaded ourselves into a carriage ride and cemetery tour. As much time as I have spent in New Orleans, I am amazed how much more there is to know. Fascinating details about Thomas Jefferson and the signing of the Louisiana Purchase, Louis Armstrong and the birth of Jazz, the Irish and Sicilian immigrants that came to Nola.

carriage ride

nola cemetary

After the tour we drove uptown for a decadent and absolutely delicious lunch at Lilette before hitting the road.

And now we are back in Mobile for Phase II of Spring Break 2012. This is the shortest phase (only one night) but as always, it’s focused on food. As much as I am looking forward to trying a new restaurant in Mobile, my mind is still on one thing in particular.

Say hello to my little friend.

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  1. MTB says:

    Sounds like a fun and delicious way to start spring break! Have fun in Mobile and at the beach. Lots of love to everyone.

  2. It was so fun! But only part one, we spent last night in Mobile (another great meal at Kitchen on George) and now headed to Point Clear! xo

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