Lagniappe Juice

“Lagniappe” is a term frequently used on the Gulf Coast and it means “a little something extra.” Well, we enjoyed a little something extra on our family spring break today in the form of a truly one-of-a-kind flyshop.

In downtown Fairhope Alabama there is a quaint cottage struture called The Church Mouse. Proprieters Spencer and Mary Ann Johnson travel to England several times a year to bring back British antiques, gifts and collectables. The front of the store looks like something out of a charming Cotswald gift shop.

But press on toward the back and you’ll feel as if you’ve dropped into a parallel universe. The kind you know and love.

The back of the store morphs into The Fairhope Flyshop. Spencer was back there putting line on a customer’s reel, all the while answering questions from browsers about various fish pics on the wall. A young guy was behind the tying desk cranking out clousers and several customers were in and out ordering rods and reels and talking fishing in general.

The guys graciously invited one and all to the local flyfishing club meeting and tying lessons. I’ve met a few members of the Eastern Shore FF Club when they’ve visited the Bay Area FF club in Mobile and hope to come over and meet with this crew at some point.

As we were wrapping up our shopping and fish chatter, Spencer pulled me aside and suggested a little something extra I might want to consider. This foul smelling goo called Lagniappe Juice that speckled trout and redfish are apparently incapable of resisting.

What the hell, I’m game! Ring me up for some Lagniappe Juice and a couple of house-tied clousers.
We had a jolly good visit in the anglophile shop and enjoyed the rolicking fish talk and hospitable Southern anglers. Stay tuned on my report on the secret sauce. But, hey, I will take all the help I can get on the water and who doesn’t enjoy a little something extra juice?
4 Responses to “Lagniappe Juice”
  1. Scott says:

    Enjoyed this post! I stopped by and showed it to Spencer on my iPhone (I follow your blog through my RSS feed). I live in town here and really love fly fishing. The Church Mouse is a great shop and they are great people as well. Love it.

  2. Hey Scott! Thanks for the comment. I agree, Church Mouse is good people.


  3. Keith says:

    Any idea where the lagniappe juice can be purchased on-line or who makes it?

  4. I don’t know where it would be online. I’d call the church Mouse at (251) 928-1619 and ask them. they can either sell it to you or tell you where to get it online. Hope that helps!

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