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I wish I were wearing my lucky green Cloudveil fishing shirt and chasing bonefish in the Bahamas, but sadly this picture is from a few years back. Today finds me sitting in my house green with envy as my husband and my dad are in the Bahamas without me. Alas, I am but a Saltwater Cinderella.

I will spare you the details of how The Professor is on my annual family Exuma bonefishing trip without me, just know that in spite of the deep-seeded sadness that I harbor at not being there, I am happy that they are on a beautiful flat somewhere sightcasting to bones as we speak. Or perhaps by now they eating conch and downing Kailks.

Sigh. (Text pics he sent last night with a fishing report)

exuma 2

exuma 1


Apparently the fishing has been tough, fish are hard to find and spookier than ever but they’ve each caught a few each day.  Looks pretty damn fun to me.

But jealousy is such a terribly unattractive trait, so instead of being a green eyed monster I’ve decided to refocus on the positives of going green here on the homefront.

Bonefishing is fun and all but I have stocked up on greens and am headed to the kitchen to make a green protein smoothie and baked zucchini chips. I mean c’mon, the joint is jumpin’ here in ATX.

green smoothie

And speaking of kitchens. Over in Mobile the construction continues on the new kitchen project. Not that you can see them here since they are covered with protective paper, but the floors I picked are “green”. Not the color green, but environmentally green. They are bamboo, which I picked for the dark color and affordable, below-my-budget-price but I’m told they are a top pick for green builders.

kitchen 2

As the kitchen passes the halfway mark, we have officially entered the decorative phase which, in my mind, gives me an actual reason (and a sense of superiority) to live on Pinterest 24 hours a day. Bonefishing, Pinterest, Bonefishing, Pinterest. It’s a toss up. Regardless, I seem called to repin all things green lately.

green kitchen



Thanks to Happy Habitat and Design Crisis for feeding my all these delicious greens. But all this does is make me want to do some more redecorating, which of course takes more green. So I have been hard at work trying to line the coffers by scheduling more book signings and selling copies of these.


Someone has to pay the light bill while all the men in this family are off to battle the bones.

As much fun as I am clearly having here at home, my mind keeps wandering to Exuma. I wonder if they have fresh conch salad at Big D’s? Is there a band at the Peace & Plenty bar? What’s the weather doing? Are the bonefish schooled up or scattered? What color flies are they taking? Could it be…




It ain’t easy being green.

One Response to “Green House Effect”
  1. Dean Hallam says:

    Interesting pictures. That see through fish Is probably the most beautiful fish I’ve seen. I guess in clear waters Fod wated him to have some camoflouge. The Green thing ging on is good (veggies.) also the color is alive.

    Don’t know how you got started in your profession but That’s what I want to do. I’m lost for words. Every year where I fish I catch the biggest in the area. My brother in low told me once it not how long you fish but how long your fishing line is in the water. That was good advice.

    Dean Hallam

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