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My husband and my dad returned a week ago from their bonefish trip in the Bahamas but I am just now getting a chance to share the pics. For those of you out there who have been waiting a lot longer to hear back from me or get whatever it is you need from me, you’ll be shocked by this seemingly short turnaround time. (It’s all perspective.) But hopefully everyone can enjoy (nay envy, like me) these one week old, slightly lukewarm-off-the-press pics from their Exuma trip…






















7 Responses to “Piscatorial Pictorial”
  1. Nice natural poses with the bonefish(s) and the Kalik(s).

  2. nothing more natural than a bonefish with a side of kalik

  3. Blackbeard says:

    Great photos…my wife and I are actually taking a quick trip (3 days) down in early June and I wondered if you and/or your husband had and tips on where to fish?! Unfortunately I will not have time to obtain a guide, but I will definitely have my fly rod in tow and plan to hit a few spots “solo”. Thanks much

  4. I wish I knew what advice to give. I have only fished Exuma, but I know people have had luck on their own catching some bones there as well. hopefully you will have luck with some local knowledge once there and will have some success. definitely bring back stories and pics!

  5. jeff says:


    Like Blackbeard, I saw the pix and was hoping for some detail. I’m cruising into Freeport in September and WILL be looking to employ a guide. So, if your husband & father liked the one that apparently got them on a bunch of fish (and, of course, he’s convenient to Freeport) send me a link or phone number. We’ll throw the guy some business and tell him you sent us. If your guy knows a guy, that’s good too.

    Livermush Untamed

  6. I don’t know how to help you with freeport but I can certainly give you the website for our guide/friend in Exuma: Bonefish Stevie. he’s wonderful, my parents have been fishing with him for almost 15 years. he might be able to tell you of someone in freeport?

    GOOD LUCK & share pics!

  7. Very nice snaps.. Fly fishing high mountain lakes I find challenging; you need to know where to go to find fish because not all high mountain lakes provide good fishing opportunities. Lakes above the tree line offer little cover for fish and are typically nutrient-poor, but the right lake can offer hungry fish if it is approached properly. Lakes below the tree line generally have more abundant food available and more fish. Also, there is more cover for fish to hide.

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