Let Me Get Straight To The Punta

Words fail to capture how much fun we had on our girls trip to Punta Mita! Gorgeous weather, beautiful sandy beaches, hours on end drinking Mexican cervezas and colorful tropical drinks, delicious meals that started at sunset and lasted long into the night. And the laughing. My ribs are bruised we laughed so hard. This trip was a much needed shot-in-the-arm for all five of us.

(Side note: I think it’s funny that spell check wants me to change cervezas to cervixes.)

On the trip we had five Texas chicas, three live in Austin, one now lives in Boulder, and another lives in San Francisco. We have eight children among us and quite a range in the life stages of our kiddos. One girl is getting a daughter ready to go to college in the fall, another girl just had a baby three months ago and had to dash away from the pool every few hours to pump because she is still breastfeeding. I love each of these girls so much and couldn’t be more grateful they tore themselves away from their fabulous, busy lives to come fiesta with me in Mexicali for a few days…


We had a very serious agenda each day at the Beach Club: lounge, sip, laugh, repeat.



Most of my vacations involve chasing fish, which is my heart’s truest pursuit, but I have to say, I could get used to a few more vacation days with some of this…


Our new best friend, Cesar, could not have been sweeter. He kept the food and drinks coming all day every day. In the 36 hours since we’ve been stateside all we keep saying to ourselves is, “Where the hell is Cesar?”



Ole Cesar!


A critical lesson we learned on this trip? Don’t ask the luxurious St. Regis spa to book two massage appointments at the same time for you and your friend because they will schedule you for a couples massage. An awkward moment for my friend Shelley and me. As much as I love her we just didn’t feel comfortable sharing that honeymoon-esque moment together for 90 minutes — even though we sucked it up and did it for fear of not getting massages at all. Needless to say we all had many laughs about it over cocktails.


The sunsets and scenery in Punta Mita were other worldly…



Can you guess which girl in the group has the newborn at home? She just drifted into a 10-minute mexicoma at the dinner table and woke right back up in the middle of a story and seamlessly jumped in adding her own hilarious details. Pretty impressive, nay, enviable to someone like me who suffers chronic insomnia…


The last night devolved into a hilarious wig/dance party that ended with two of us all alone with nothing but the uneaten produce to keep us entertained…IMG_4770

And before we knew it was time to pack and head for home…

pink think again

Now of course you know I like to set my whole life to a soundtrack so if you have a few minutos, enjoy this youtube video with more great pics and a sampling of the ultimate Mexico playlist I created for this trip…


Gracias amigos! Adios for now…

2 Responses to “Let Me Get Straight To The Punta”
  1. Piper says:

    I wish I could rock a pink wig half as well as you. And I’m being super serious, you are fabulous!

    So great to hear from you, Christine! If you ever find yourself fishing the Colorado please stop by and see me, I can take you to some good ones, for sure.


  2. you don’t need a pink wig, your life has a very rosy glow about it all on its own these days darlin! I am loving your new blog, can’t get enough of your new life and love in colorado! PS congrats on the new boat too!! xo~

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