Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It


Because we like to put our friends on the spot, The Professor and I urged Eric and Ryan from Sunrise Flyshop to settle a marital debate that sprung up during our overnite in Melrose: Which one of us talks more in the driftboat?

To be clear we’re both talkers, there’s no doubt about that. I have missed my fair share of eats because I was gabbing over my shoulder instead of watching my fly. But I truly believe sometimes I can get a little meditatey out there and zen-zone into the scenery and the casting and the drifts. The Professor disagrees emphatically. He claims he can barely get a word in edgewise from put-in to takeout.

Hmmm, someone in this outfit is clearly suffering a perception-reality gap. But who? Since we fished two days on the Big Hole with Sunrise, one with Ryan and the other with Eric, I thought there no better team of judges to settle the question once and for all.

I will refrain from gloating or saying nanny nanny boo but the results were clear. Close, but clear: the guys ruled that the Professor talks more in the boat. To be fair Eric pointed out that I definitely talk louder so it often seems like I talk more…but in the end they went with my loquacious husband.

Loquacious, charming husband…who is appealing the verdict. In writing.

We had a blast on the Big Hole. We fished two days and treated ourselves to a motel stay up in Melrose making it a mini vacation within the vacation. Needless to say, we always enjoy time on the water with the guys from Sunrise. As always, these guys work their tales off to help you catch fish.



There were lots of stories and laughs flying in the boat from bow to stern, we even let the rower’s seat get some airtime. It’s amazing we could even hear each other since nothing could have blown harder than the wind those two days. It was howling on that river! But despite all the good BS and the hurricane-like setting, we fished to the point of exhaustion and a near tendonitis relapse, and we managed to find plenty of trout – plus a few whitefish that were no doubt lured in by our by our scintillating conversation. (No pics available of the whiteys.)





Slippery when wet…



We even managed to sneak up on some wildlife…


After two great days on the Big Hole we ventured over to the Beaverhead for an evening float just the two of us. I don’t know how we always manage to find new things to talk about day after day summer after summer in the boat but we always do and I love it. Maybe it’s the scenery that keeps everything fresh.


Or after-fishing spots like this…

blue anchor

I will tell you…the next morning we were a great deal more pithy and definitely kept things at a low hum. We were whispering sweet nothings like, “Pass the Advil.”

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