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When someone tells you the Missouri is “fishing so well right now it’s like the good old days”, it’s really a passive-aggressive way to mark their territory and let you know how long they’ve been fishing the Mo. I sort of hate-love this hierarchical pinging approach since I’ve been fishing the Mo since 1997. Long enough to swat a few newcomers on the nose myself, just not my husband or my parents who keep me in check with their back-in-the-day stories. That said, it’s plenty long enough to know what people mean when they say that.

The Mo is on fire these days. Fi-yah! Probably not the best word choice since I also recall the drought and fires just a few years back and am hoping August 2012 doesn’t look anything like the bankside blazes of August 2007. But let’s just stick with fishing for now. The river is fishing really really well.

After a few days on the Big Hole and Beaverhead we cruised up to Wolf Creek and Craig for a few days to fish the Missouri. Double floats had us seeing double by the time we left but the fishing was so good we couldn’t stop ourselves. PMDs and caddis. Strong healthy fighting fish that jumped and raced through your reel. Picky pods and sweet eats. My favorite fishing in the world remains the Missouri River.



This was a promising catch until the camera came out and the fish came unbuttoned. Sorry honey. But it looks good right here…







Look at the mouth on this old trout…







Whew, that was a lot of fishing. Nothing replenishes calories and energy like a big ole breakfast at Frenchy’s in Wolf Creek – hands down the best eatery in the Wolf Creek/Craig metroplex.



No kidding…


“So much more than hot.”  Yeah, I get that a lot…


Now we love the flyshops and our good friends in Craig but there’s something special about the shop in Wolf Creek – the first place I ever bought a license to fish the Missouri.


It was a great 3 days up on the Missouri, fun catching fish and catching up with old friends. Like this guy, whom we barely recognized in all that technical gear…

trout shop porch

5 Responses to “Mo Better”
  1. Bob McCollum says:

    Nice! Congrats on the great trip!

  2. is this a photo of my good friend, Deke fraternity member from college at UVa? If so, not surprised he is a great fly fisherman!


  3. nope, not uva guy. sorry!

  4. Mark Coleman says:

    This time last year that section of the Mo was so high you couldn’t bribe a fish. Fires, floods, droughts, eventually it cycles back around to perfect. Get it while the gettin’s good.

    Ok I give….who’s the guy in all the technical gear?

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