Cause the Brits Don’t Have Bulls and Broncs


I am quite the anglophile. I lived in London as a kid. I woke up early to see Kate & William’s royal wedding, I tried to pay attention to the Queen’s Jubilee. I dig corgis. But when it comes to the Fourth of July I keep my loyalties on this side of the pond. And I can’t think of a more American way to spend the Fourth than at a rodeo.

We wrapped our recent Montana trip by spending Independence Day at the Ennis Rodeo which is always a good time. We arrived in the middle of the female can-chasers.



I have to say, the highlight this year were the bucking broncs. Lord have mercy these horses were feisty, or as the announcer kept saying, rank.





There was one horse in chute two who kept banging the gate while he was still in the chute. When he finally shot out he tossed the cowboy in a flash and evaded the two guys who were trying to coral him out of the arena. This horse was so pissed and wild at one point he literally did a SUMERSAULT!


The crowd gasped as he flipped all the way over.


Miraculously he popped up and dashed away as if nothing had happened. It was the wildest thing I have ever seen at a rodeo.

The afternoon wrapped up with the bull riding which is always a highlight. I love the bullfighters, hardest working cowboys in the rodeo.




Random side note…I don’t know what they do to the kettlecorn at the Ennis Rodeo but it is the best thing you have ever tasted.

Rodeo & Kettlecorn kicks Tea & Crumpets butt.


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