Down River Report

I feel like I am always blogging from behind, giving a retro wrap-up of what we’ve been up to. So as a change of pace I thought I would take a look down river, share what we have on tap in the near future.

Rehab. Yesterday was my first full day without Bootsy Collins, the broken ankle is “almost completely healed.” I am a little down about how much longer it will be until I am free for impact activities and high heels (another 4 weeks at least) but trying to keep the chin up while my feet are flat. My ankle is still puffy and my emaciated calve looks twiglike, it’s really lovely. But I am going to follow the rehab to the letter. Plus lots of time on the stationary bike (snooze) and will start swimming. The in and out of the water, the dry lizard-like skin and the wear & tear on the hair doesn’t appeal to me but I actually don’t suck at swimming laps. Or at least I didn’t in highschool. Keep your snickering to yourself, yes I am clinging to a skillset from my teens that hasn’t been tested since the 80s. Who knows, this time next year I could be slathering myself in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and swimming the English channel.

Don’t feel too sorry for my lame status. Next Monday I head back out to Montana for another two weeks. The last trip was romance (which for us translates to hardcore fishing until our eyes about bleed.) But this one will be a family trip. This is Little Chick’s big MT vacation for the summer so we’ll be on the Blackfoot, Missouri, Madison, maybe the Beaverhead. Hopefully we’ll work in some fun side activities like a ghost town or cavern tour. Any ideas?

Off and on I am slowly easing back into work mode while traveling here and there. Planning some good PADDLEFISH events for the fall (come see me!) and I have started research and writing on two new book ideas.

After Montana Rnd II, we’ll wrap up summer with two weeks in Alabama. The Professor surprised me last night with tickets to see Willie Nelson at the Indian casino in Attmore Alabama and I am so so so excited!! How Now Creek Nation, bring it on.

The eve of back to school is Little Chick’s 13th birthday, heaven help me. So basically a new era begins where I am the least cool human being on the planet and all expendable income goes towards her mall visits where she wastes it on the same horrible 80s neon fashions that I did 29 years ago as it seems that awful look has come full circle. Gag me with a spoon.

Again, don’t feel too bad for me because if I survive my daughter’s ascent (or descent) into her teens, we dash back out to Montana for Labor Day. The first trip was romance, the second trip is family, the third trip will be a couples weekend.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Or because I fish in Montana more than I deserve to…

4 Responses to “Down River Report”
  1. Tripp Hammer says:

    You asked for suggestions: Sneak up to Polson and go to the Mission Mountain Wood Band Concert. It’s outstanding. Here’s a facebook link to their page:

    Little Chick and Professor should like it also.

    Take Care,

  2. very intriguing! can you give me any more scoop? I checked out the fb page but am a little confused. is the show on the 3rd or the 4th?

    great idea! THANKS!!

  3. Harry L says:

    “Or because I fish in Montana more than I deserve to…”

    Don’t hate you, but have to admit that I have kind of wondered how you manage to get to Montana so often (actually it was more like-damn-she’s in Montana again!). Jealous-hell yes! Going on 6 years since I was last able to make it out there. Here’s hoping next year will work out.

  4. fingers crossed for you for next year! it’s a special place for sure…

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