When The Evening Sun Goes Down…

The last time I saw Willie was at the Cattle Baron’s Ball in Dallas Texas about eight years ago. Needless to say I was long overdue to see the Texas outlaw live and last Saturday night did not disappoint. We saw him at the Windcreek Casino in Attmore AL. After much deliberation on which boots to wear I went with recently resoled red ones — for the red headed stranger of course. (Actually my husband picked them.) Hadn’t donned these red & black boots since about 1994.

Not the best footage perhaps, but just listen to what the blues are sayin’…

Little Sister Bobby hugging former band member Jody Payne who lives in Alabama and joined them on stage for a rare reunion performance.

bobby and jody

Some Texas fans we had to get to know. Obviously the shirt was a conversation starter. I guess he liked me right off because he didn’t blink an eye when he grabbed my beer and had a sip. The the Professor walked up and he grabbed his beer and took a sip of his too. Hey it’s a Willie show, we’re all part of The Family, right?

texas friends at willie

Life is just another scene

In this old world of broken dreams

And the nightlife, ain’t no good life

But it’s my life.

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