I Sang Like A Bird


The glare of the hot lights, the stark walls of the interrogation room closing in on me, the long hours, the lack of sleep…I told him everything he wanted to hear.

Okay, okay, so it wasn’t like that at all. When Chris Hunt from the website, Eat More Brook Trout, asked if he could interview me for his ‘20 Questions’ segment, I was more than delighted. I didn’t go Sharon Stone on him, I didn’t stonewall with my icy psychosexual veneer or play cat-and-mouse games with the truth. Far from it…in fact, I sang like a bird! It’s more than you ever needed, or wanted, to know about me.

Chris just published the interview today – all 20 questions answered honestly and to the best of my ability, with an extra bonus question thrown in for good behavior. I won’t spoil the fun of reading the full interview over on his website, but since it is my basic instinct to tease just a bit, I will say that in the interview I somehow manage to work in a mention for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, talk about a great fear of mine, describe my version of heaven, make a little dig at Jim Cantore, and give shout-outs to Sophia Loren and another female that if you’ve read this blog for any length of time you won’t be at all surprised to see that I still admire worship her more than ever.

(Any guesses as to who that might be? Anyone?)

When asked what three words my friends would use to describe me I shamelessly decided to poll my friends and ask them flat out. (“Why write it myself when I can outsource?” I say!) The replies were both heartwarming and riotous. A few responses that hit the cutting room floor included…

“Honkytonk” (I am more than just a little bit humbled by this one, and if you haven’t already figured out the mystery female hero referenced above this should serve as a hint to you all. Any more guesses?)

“Influential (I was surprised and flattered by this one, but it seems hard to reconcile since I can’t seem to influence my 13-year old to wake up on time, move with any sense of urgency, or clean her room.)

“Hairless, but with great hair on your head…SO Kardashian.” (Thank you? I think?)

All of this begs the question (since I’d like to get off the hot seat myself) how would your friends describe you in three words? I would really love to hear your answers! Respond extemporaneously or feel free to cheat as I did and get your friends to tell you. Just make sure you share with the whole class here in the comments section.

And so, without further ado I would like to invite you to hop over to Chris Hunt’s website and read the article for yourself. I would also like to THANK Chris for taking the time to prepare such an entertaining piece, as well as reading Paddlefish cover to cover and writing a favorable review as an intro to the interview. Thank you, Chris.

And PS, to my friend Amy, if you haven’t already figured out who the mystery female honkytonk hero is, then you aren’t half the investigative reporter we all know you are! xxoo~

EAT MORE BROOK TROUT — 20 Questions: Christine Johnston Warren, aka, The Fly Fish Chick

2 Responses to “I Sang Like A Bird”
  1. Chris says:


    My sincere pleasure–I wasn’t lying when I said that I wish we’d had the chance to do the interview over beers. Someday, that will happen, as I’m sure our paths will cross.

    Congrats on the book… the accolades are very much deserved.


  2. All right. I’ll check it.

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