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The other day I was emailing Little Chick’s teachers to let them know she would be missing a day of school in order to sit in on a college class at Baylor University where I have been asked to guest lecture. (Yes you will be hearing lots more about this next week, as I am very honored and wildly excited about it.) But one of her teachers assumed that I actually have the credentials for this gig and responded respectfully to me as “Dr. Warren.”

Doctor? Doctor! Give me the news…

Well, the news is I have clearly been promoted. Needless to say I have been nothing short of insufferable since being called Dr. Warren and manage to find every opportunity to lord it over my teenage daughter’s head, pointing out how right I am about everything by punctuating all of my directives with, “Just trust me. I’m a doctor.”

To which she replies, “Yeah, a fake one.”

No matter child, it’s already gone straight to my head. As far as you and I are concerned, the doctor is in. So deal.

Apparently doctors have a lot of work to do. Work like laundry, errands, carpooling and grocery shopping, sometimes traipsing back to the grocery more than once a day for late-entry special requests. I needed a break from my stressful doctor duties so I took some time out to have lunch with a best girlfriend today. And of course there’s no better places to meet than an Austin hotspot with an expansive charcuterie selection…a place where they salt, smoke and cure what ails you. Plus, time with girlfriends is a surefire panacea to preserve sanity.

We lunched at the relatively new eastside gem Hillside Farmacy. You must admit it seems appropriate for a fake doctor to meet at a fake drugstore. Okay Hillside, I will see your strange affected European spelling of pharmacy and raise you with one fabricated phd. Ka-boom.

fly fish chick hillside

fly fish chick hillside farmacy

Actually Hillside Farmacy used to be Hillside Drugstore back in the day. Since everything is shape shifting in Austin right before our eyes, we should all be thrilled it kept any semblance of its former space as opposed to becoming yet another squared-off, metal-slick looking block of condos. Instead Hillside Farmacy is a really lovely, unique spot with an actual European feel right down to the intricate bathroom tile floor. The case displays an impressive charcuterie collection and the menu boasts all sorts of small plates and inventive sandwiches. Their roast chicken ‘Thank You’ sandwich has even been named ‘Best Sandwich’ in Austin.


fly fish chick charcuterie2

But I didn’t get the chicken sandwich or anything from the case. I ordered the ‘Egg in a Bowl’…poached. Served with ricotta salata, bread crumbs and a baguette on the side. It was delicious. I’m sure I can’t recreate this at home since everyone always oohs and ahs about a ‘real’ poached egg, and so I assume there’s chef-level talent required that I don’t have, but hey, I’m a fake doctor. Maybe a fake chef can try this too…

fly fish chick poached egg

Hillside is also licensed to prescribe pastries, as well as a raw bar and aperitifs.

fly fish chick pastry2

fly fish chick pastry1

fly fish chick raw bar

It’s official. One out of one fake doctors recommend Hillside Farmacy.

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  1. Dustbowl D says:

    Hey, Doc, next time I ham in need of a cure, I’ll phill my perscription at the Farmacy.

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