High Tech in the Low Country

If you read my previous post you know we covered a lot of ground in Charleston last weekend. Unfortunately the only stone we left unturned was redfishing. It was hard to look out across those beautiful marshes and not have the time (or gear) to get out there and sneak up on some tailing reds…

Someone who knows more than just a little bit about the waters around Charleston is Tanner Sutton, founder of FREE FLY APPAREL, a line of high tech fly fishing apparel based right there in the low country of South Carolina. Coincidentally Niece Margaret (of Art Bus fame in my previous post) connected with Tanner via social media and sent him my way. We quickly figured out that he used to work for my good friends John & Mark at Headhunters on the Missouri River in Montana! Small world…

Tanner was kind enough to send me a Free Fly shirt to try out. I picked Tarheel blue of course, and was delightfully surprised when it arrived to see that Tanner had customized it with the FLY FISH CHICK logo. Nice touch, friend.

free fly fly fish chick

I wore the hell out of this shirt all summer long. It saw action on the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Blackfoot and the Missouri. The high tech bamboo material proved to be soft, cool, flexible and NOT CLINGY, which is muy importante. Also critical? It’s fishy. Exhibit A:

Copy of DSC_0273

Since I’ve been dry-docked due to back-to-school and general autumnal insanity, the shirt has now been repurposed as football-watching attire. Turns out when I pair the shirt with these mardi gras beads that Little Chick picked out for me in New Orleans over the summer, the Tarheels and Larry Fedora are unstoppable.

carolina beads

As you can see the shirt has brought me nothing but good mojo so I wholeheartedly suggest you cruise over to the FREE FLY APPAREL website and get one for yourself. And in the spirit of the very social media that connected Tanner and me in the first place, be sure to like his FREE FLY APPAREL FACEBOOK page while you’re at it.

Thanks Tanner for the cool shirt. Thanks Niece Margaret for introducing us. And thanks Niece Katy for the cool pic of the water and the pier at the top of this post. It looks so inviting I’m almost sorry we chose eating instead of taking that walk while we were in Charleston. Almost.

Curious what’s next on the agenda for The Family Fly Fish Chick? Well, later this week we are headed to Waco where I have been invited to guest lecture at Baylor University to a sports journalism class. SIC EM BEARS! I hope the students are more responsible than I was in college, because if I heard ‘guest lecture’ during a Friday class I’d have been a guaranteed no-show, likely already down the highway on some unruly roadtrip beach adventure. Let’s just say I was a pretty sharp honor student (for awhile anyway) at Carolina who somehow perfected the lowest ratio of class attendance to grades received. So here we are decades later and I am really fired up about heading to campus on a Friday. Very excited about this lecture, I promise to keep it lively. I hope I can share something useful with the students, and I hope they can finally explain to me what sic’ em bears means.

After that? I hope in the next couple of weeks I will have the chance to get my Free Fly shirt out in the MS marsh to see if it has any redfish mojo or if it just works with trout and Carolina football. Time will tell…

2 Responses to “High Tech in the Low Country”
  1. Ken Bergmann says:

    Too bad ya didn’t get into any reds… Next time you are in town stop by the Lowcountry Fly Shop and we’ll get ya squared away ;-)

    BTW Free Fly clothes are sweet… they make great base layers for winter time too ;-)

  2. Hey, thanks Ken, good tip! By the way, I have heard of Low Country Fly Shop. Was secretly hoping we could dash in, but those wedding weekends are always so busy. Next time. But we talked about your shop because my niece Margaret lives there and wants to get into ff locally. it can be so hard when you’re just getting started. she has fished with me and other family out in MT and she’s a natural! she got the cold shoulder elsewhere in Charleston when she asked for help so I suggested she try Low Country and maybe a local ff club? I will tell her to ask for you!

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