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Who wouldn’t flip head over heels for spring creek action like this? Apparently I’ve been living under a rock like some early stage larva nymph because I just discovered this cool fishing video yesterday while working like a madwoman (wasting time on StumbleUpon.) It’s by Todd Moen Creative and it’s called Heads or Tails. At first I thought I recognized it as one of my familiar stomping grounds, McCoy Spring Creeks near Dillon Montana. Well, I was right about the Dillon part, but it’s actually Circle 3 Spring Creek near Dillon. The video has spectacular shots of big browns eating on top and go-to spring creek tactics like the navy seal belly crawl and, my signature move, falling down along the edge of the creek while trying to wrestle a big brown out of skinny water.

Now you’re going to flip for it. Heads or Tails, take a look:

And since we’ve also now learned that StumbleUpon works in terms of connecting already easily distracted individuals with new websites that can keep them from their work, it seems like a good forum to get the word out about FLY FISH CHICK, no? So how ’bout helping a girl out. Take a sec and hit the StumbleUpon logo at the end of this post. The icon that looks like this and says ‘SUBMIT’ next to it…unless someone else has already clicked it and then it has the number of times it’s been submitted already. Either way you’re looking to click something down there that looks like this:

That way this article will be entered into the vast log of websites on StumbleUpon that might popup on someone else’s screen through their random surfing and passive effort to avoid real responsibility. Just think, you could be saving someone from doing their work. Be a friend, spread the love.

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