Columbus Day Seems as Good a Time as Any To Share This News

I am bursting to share some recent news…we have officially planned a family trip to Italy next June. It’ll be The Professor, Little Chick, my mom, my dad and myself. I promised my husband it wouldn’t consume our every waking conversation until after the new year, but here it is Columbus Day and all I can think about is reversing Chris’s Atlantic journey next summer. We’re leaving The Americas behind and heading to Italia!

We may have to trade a few MT troutfishing days to spend time retracing ole Colombo’s trade route, but it’s such a rare opportunity that we can all get our calendars (and pocketbooks) aligned to pull this off. So it’ll be molto worth it. We plan to explore Ostia (Little Chick’s main request), Tuscany and Rome. Little Chick is researching all the ancient ruins. I am charged with brushing up on my college Italian – I think my parents are finally trying reap some return on their investment in my time studying in Italy. Let’s just say after one program in Venice, one in Siena, and two summers in Florence, I was really only ever fluent in Cafe-Life Italian. (Hello? I think they call that La Dolce Vita…very cultural.) I’ve downloaded an app to brush up on my Italian but all it’s done is remind me how much I’ve forgotten. I blame my mother and living in Texas. My mother forced me take Latin and French in highschool…at the same time. Then I took four years of Italian in college. And now I hear nothing but Spanish in Tejas. So basically at this life stage I tend to spew out some bastardized Romance Language Blend anytime I try to speak Italiano.

But my diction and my accent seem in tact so I will just say everything con entusiasmo! And a big smile. A good attitude is half the battle, no?

More details to come as we fine tune the plans, but just as sure as I am that the world is round, I am 100% certain I will be starting every meal like this:


…and ending every meal like this:



4 Responses to “Columbus Day Seems as Good a Time as Any To Share This News”
  1. Oh, how fun! We went to Italy last year and even though I had studied like crazy, when I was actually put on the spot to speak Italian to a real Italian, I would automatically revert to Spanish – even though I had taken only one year of Spanish years ago!

    We dressed nicely, and they guessed we were British, because of my Southern accent and as they said, we weren’t “Slobs” like most Americans! I couldn’t be offended. They were right.


  2. Cara Mia! I bet yall had the most wonderful time. Hilarious they thought your southern accent was British…in that case they are going to think my husband is from the royal family

    Can’t wait for Italy, but will be in Alabama much sooner…

    ps…I read your post this am about the Baldwin Pops, loved it!! tried to comment but couldnt find the comments link. looks like a magical evening

  3. Melanie says:

    But do they fly fish there? What will ya’ll do with your time?!!!

  4. ha! no kidding. well I know there actually IS fishing there but we are likely going to be busy playing tourists. and eating!

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