A Paper Anniversary

They grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s hard to believe that one year ago today my book, Paddlefish, was released out into the wild for public consumption. What a year it has been! I loved hitting the road for book signings and speaking engagements, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I can’t thank you all enough for all your support.

So what do people think about the book? Well, I am humbled to report that most who take the time to write to me shared that they find the book to be a real page turner. Many have been inspired to find a similar adventure for themselves. And it seems to have made more than just a few people laugh. All of which makes me very very happy. Quickly I will share a few bells & whistles that people seem to like about the book.

Such as the back cover. Merely a few days until the book went to press we were still battling out what the tagline should be on the cover. No consensus could be reached so I thought we should get celebrities or reputable publications to provide quotes on the back cover, to which my publisher replied, “You’re not big enough to get anyone famous.” So I suggested we go with people a little closer to home. Like my friends and family. Apparently readers get a real kick of the quotes on the back cover…

back cover

I’m told by publishing professional that after the cover, the next thing people check out is the table of contents. Most of these chapter titles refer to the race sections along the river, but my early setup chapters have more colorful titles. My personal favorite? Chapter 5. It was the hardest chapter title to come up with, the last one I settled on, and it not only sums up the essence of the chapter, but also pretty much the whole book — and my life — in a nutshell. I probably should have saved it for the title of my autobiography.


I begin every chapter with a quotation from a famous, reputable or notable person. I’m pleased so many readers have enjoyed the quotes because you’d probably be surprised at how much time I spent picking just the right ones. I tried to include plenty of Texas figures and this is one of my favorites…Kristofferson remains one of the greatest songwriter poets of all time.


At the speaking gigs, everyone clamors to hear about the hallucinations. This is one of those fabulous examples of why I love being a non-fiction writer…reality provides so much rich drama that the story just writes itself. The hallucinations during the race were real, vivid and bizarre.


THANK YOU all so much for all of your kind words about the book, for your enthusiastic support and for waving the Paddlefish flag. I’ll think of each of you tonight at Applebees when a group of waiters brings a free dessert with sparklers and sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Okay, so we won’t be there, but I’ll think of yall anyway. Because I couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you. HAPPY HAPPY.

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PADDLEFISH is available in hardback here as well as electronically on iTunes.

2 Responses to “A Paper Anniversary”
  1. Mike Herron says:

    Congrats Christine it has been a long journey from a little fishing blog. A husband, a teenager, a gazillion adventures a wonderful tale artfully spun and still the best grip and grin in fishing. Like I always say thanks for letting us all in on your adventures fishing and otherwise. I can hardley wait to see what is next….. My best to you I wish you continued success with Paddlefish and what comes next!

  2. MTB says:

    What a fantastic year — Paddlefish must go around the campfire! So proud of you.

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