Mississippi Redfish Blues

Muddy waters. Just like our last trip over the Mississippi marsh in September, yesterday we found the water to be dingy and off color. While we did find one area with some clarity, overall the water was murky making it hard to sight fish for reds. We saw plenty of crabs, stingray, mullet and bait fish. But we couldn’t get a redfish to the boat. That said, we are trending in the right direction. I guess just as we can’t see the fish in the muddy water, they can’t see us either, so the few shots I had were after we got right up on them. I had one follow my fly, then spook at the boat. I had two others eat it but I couldn’t set the hook for some reason.

A highlight of the day was seeing a massive black drum with his tail up, nosing around in the mud for food. I cast multiple times right around him; he never spooked because I don’t think the big lug ever saw my fly.

Hopefully the water will continue to clear and we’ll have better luck next time. But for now muddy waters seem to be giving me the Mississippi blues.

4 thoughts on “Mississippi Redfish Blues

  1. I’m feeling you Christine. Just got back from a long weekend in Beaufort and I’m sitting here the proud father of a big goose egg. Not sure what happened. We had all the elements, tide and weather, but sometimes they just don’t eat.

    Lowcountry Journal

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