Oh Yeah, We’re Realer Than The Easter Bunny. Word.

Have you ever seen this hilarious Diet Dr. Pepper commercial with the “I Exist!” support group that includes Santa, Big Foot, the Easter Bunny, a Leprechaun, and the Tooth Fairy? Well, clearly they forgot to invite another oft-dismissed, vaguely defined, and seemingly mythical cast of characters: Fly Fishing Bloggers.

[CLICK HERE to watch the ad on youtube. It's really pretty funny.]

When I heard there was a meeting of Fly Fishing Bloggers at a recent industry tradeshow, my first thought was, “Wait, we’re a real thing? Fly Fishing Bloggers?” It took some soul searching, but I began to realize that my own self doubt was part of the inherent problem, I was enabling a culture of disbelief. Thank heavens there are braver, more progressive leaders out there who are champions for our credibility. They pulled together at the trade show at a meeting that I’m sure felt a lot like the “I Exist!” support group and decided that if we could exist in person face-to-face, we would be even existier…you guessed it…on Facebook. BOOM! It’s sort of like a big coming out party. We’re still workshopping our battle cry but I think these are contenders…

We’re Here, We Drink Dark Beer, Get Used To It!

Or maybe something a little less angry?

We Come In Peace, We Wear Lots of Fleece, It’s All Good…

At any rate, these powers that be created a Fly Fishing Blogger group on Facebook and yours truly was invited to participate. I know! Right? Of course I was flattered since a long series of impulsive life choices typically leave me on the outs with most appropriate social circles so I treasure any chance to belong, even if it’s with the outlaws, thieves and fishing bloggers. Oh, who are we kidding? Especially if it’s with the outlaws, thieves and fishing bloggers.

Please don’t ask me for an invitation to the group, I’m not in charge and who knows if you can even handle the rigorous initiation process. We’re unsavory sorts from the streets after all. Or from the keyboards, whatever. But I’m sure you’re curious what we talk about so I’m here to give you a peek behind the curtain: Conservation. That’s right, we focus on something of substance. Those other mythical figures wile away their days making toys, hiding eggs, stockpiling dead teeth, and tromping around in the woods. Come to think of it we actually tromp around in the woods too. But we are also trying to change the world, one conservation issue at a time.

Chris Hunt from Eat More Brook Trout organized a brown bag lunchtime conference call (yes, basically another “I Exist!” support group) where we learned about a conservation campaign led by TU and Orvis. It’s called “1000 Miles” and it is really simple yall.

I know what you’re thinking, I smell the look of doubt on your face. A simple conservation effort? Yes, that’s right! This isn’t highly politicized, it isn’t pie in the sky, it isn’t controversial, The Man isn’t going to lobby against us at every turn. We can do this one friends.

1000 Miles aims to create one thousand miles of new, fishable water in the next decade by removing poorly installed and useless culverts. Culverts don’t bring the multi-year drama of dam removal, these are relatively easy projects to approve, and reasonable to remove. Voila! Almost instantly fish begin to move freely into fresh, reconnected waters. CLICK HERE to visit the campaign site and learn more about the details of this effort.

Do you really want your favorite stretch of your favorite trout stream crowded with fisherman on the one morning you play hookey from work and sneak off to fish? Of course not! The answer is simple: more water spreads out the fish which spreads out the fisherman.

So I am asking you to make a donation to this endeavor. Please consider pledging to this very realistic, tangible campaign. Want some more good news? Every dollar you give to this TU effort will be matched by Orvis. All you have to do is click this icon to make a quick donation:


Fly Fishing Bloggers are posting this badge on their websites to show support and drive donations, so I’m sure you’ll see it around. If you’re a writer, blogger, flyshop owner or angler with a website, feel free to add the badge to your site as well. We are getting realer by the minute, people! And I hope you will consider being a part of this worthwhile campaign.

It’s conservation without the calories. It’s conservation without the controversy. Believe in it…it exists.


(Copyright 2012 by Christine Warren)

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10 Responses to “Oh Yeah, We’re Realer Than The Easter Bunny. Word.”
  1. We are real. All too real. Good post, and good on you for sharing the 1000 miles thing. Me, I’m on hiatus, but I’ll get to it, as that whole culvert issue is near and dear to my heart. I am a brook trout fanatic after all.

  2. Jason Tucker says:

    Did I mention I’m not very internet savvy? I’m a terrible blogger…
    Jason Tucker recently posted..The Second Coming of Brandon RobinsonMy Profile

  3. Brent says:

    I am not quite sure how you managed to segue from the Dr. Pepper commercial into fly fishing bloggers and the TU/Orvis 1,000 Mile campaign, but your execution was flawless. Bravo!
    Brent recently posted..Bucket List Browns in the BackcountryMy Profile

  4. See everybody? We are all too real. Thanks Jason, appreciate the comments! Enjoy hiatus but I hope you come back to blogging. We need more brook trout guys around. And down with the culverts! Cheers…

  5. Haha! Thanks Brent. I’ve been up since 1am, a little bout of insomnia has me spinning some nutty ideas. Plus that dr pepper ad really makes me laugh, had to work it in. Trying to keep conservation fun & fresh

  6. Kirk Werner says:

    Excellent post. now, someone please tell my wife that we’re real, and that we have a purpose, and that because of that I should keep blogging even though it takes away from time that should be spent trying to make buck. Please tell her. ;)

  7. yeeeaaah….I get that question a lot too. “But how does your blog make money?”

    I recently looked my husband straight in the face and said, “Hey man, I’m just not driven by the dollar.”

    that launched a laundry list speech of utility companies and grocery store chains and gasoline pumps that he wanted me to know don’t care a lick about my creativity-first freewheelin’ hippie philosophy


  8. Brian Koz says:

    “….in the company of outlaws, thieves, and Fly fishing Bloggers.”
    How great is that? i never really belonged, but feel at home on the river, it never judges, unless you lay down a bad line. I read this on my phone on the way to Detroit to fly out to Sint Maarten, DWI, had to pass the phone back to my wife and had her read it. “We come in Peace, We wear Lots of Fleece, Its all Good…” She laughed aloud.
    I replied- “I know, Right? I wish I could write like that!!” The creativity, the brevity, getting to the point, making the connections and staying on the level with the conservation issue- well done and Kudos!! Also funny to be in on the call, a veritable outsider who got the invite, and slowly putting the names on the faces~ hope to bump into you someday at a Fly Show as well. Keep up the great work. Tight Lines!!!
    Brian Koz recently posted..Where the Yellowstone….My Profile

  9. Thanks Koz! I don’t think anyone has ever used the word brevity and my name in the same sentence but I gladly accept the compliment. And I agree, it is so cool to be a part of this growing group/movement of writers, starting to learn more about the people behind the voices online. I really would like to attend a Fly Show next year…

    just read your 20 Qs interview at eat more brook trout. really thoughtful and entertaining

    off to reread your post on 1000 Miles post….thanks for reaching out, so happy you and your wife enjoyed the post and don’t be a stranger. yall are BOTH welcome here all the time


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