Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Don’t feel sorry for me when I tell you that we won’t be making our fall trip out to Montana this year. As blue as I am about it, I’d feel guilty if I stirred your pity for me, since the reason we can’t go is because we’ve added a very exciting trip to Belize in November. Plus I committed months ago to join high school girlfriends in New Orleans for the weekend of the Madonna concert. There are simply only so many dollars, so many days out of the office, and so many non-parenting days that we have to spare. So for the first time since the Professor and I started dating, there will be no fall trip to Montana.

Sigh. As it turns out I am almost completely spoiled, but not quite. Limitations do exist.

If you’ve fished out in Montana in the fall you know why all of this is bittersweet. It’s an incredibly special time to be out there. Unlike summer you don’t have to be on the water super early and it gets dark so much quicker so you aren’t fishing until ten or eleven o’clock at night. We fish bankers hours in the fall. We dine at relatively normal times, even catch some college football on TV. It’s ridiculously sane compared to our summer program.

We’ve had some good times out there, I’m not going to lie. Like the time in 2008 when someone may or may not have vomited in our boat while we were inside the Melrose Bar. File that under Unsolved Mysteries. Or 2009 at the old Bandito’s in Virginia City when I ate lamb off of a total stranger’s plate. Or even just last year when we flew into Bozeman, called an audible to dine at the Sacagawea Hotel and ended up staying the night in Three Forks, hitting every bar in town.

Ah, good times. Here are a few shots from our fall trips in the 406.

fly fish chick missouri 2008

he must keep his cape in his dry bag

wynonas big brown beaverhead

fly fish chick big hole 2011

Despite all these great memories staring me in the face and pulling at my heart strings, there’s no sense living in the past. It’s all down river, I say. And tomorrow I hit the ground in New Orleans for the Madonna Concert Girls Weekend! I cannot wait to spend time with old friends from Nashville – because if you’re going to see Madonna live, you better go with girls you were in middle school with in the 80s. Duh.

Everyone has been talking about their Madonna costume for months. After all this is New Orleans, the weekend before Halloween, and Madonna. One friend is planning to go Cone Bra Madonna. Another is Material Girl Marilyn Madonna. Someone is doing more recent Cowgirl Madonna.

From the get go I wanted to be Evita Madonna. I know every word to the musical and have even been known to take $50 off a family friend who dared me to climb the stairs in the great room of a hunting lodge and belt ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ over the balcony to the whole crowd. Cha-ching! In my later years I did this party trick for free, not just because people quit offering to pay me (hello times are tough, haven’t you heard?) but because I am just generous that way. It’s sort of like a public service I do for late night crowds. Basically if there’s a balcony, sister goes Eva Perone in a heartbeat.

Finding the right wig for Evita Madonna was no problema:


But I started researching the 40’s style outfits and things got a little tricky. I began to realize I was just going to look like a dour typist in the war department, no one would even know I was Evita Madonna unless I had a balcony and let’s be honest, I can steal a scene but it’s going to be hard to grab the spotlight at this show.

It just wasn’t coming together. I had to concede the costume idea this go round. There’s no way I could compete with the New Orleans professional costume-wearers, hence my goal became simply not to look like a PTA mom. So I’m wearing all black and I just grabbed a Lucky Star wig from the costume shop and some black lace gloves as accent pieces. Basically, instead of going in costume as Fill-in-the-Blank Madonna, I am going as a 42 Year Old Madonna Fan.

Stay tuned friends, I will check back with a full report. And while it won’t have any pictures of brown trout or autumnal river scenes, I predict there will be something dishy to share. Lookout Crescent City, some midlife Harpeth Hall Honeybears are coming your way.


(Copyright 2012 by Christine Warren)

Since I’m not on the water right now, care to share your fall fishing stories? Do you have a certain Madonna song stuck in your head after reading this post? Why not leave it in a comment so others can sing it all day long, no need to suffer alone. Either way, I would love to hear from you!

18 Responses to “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”
  1. Starlight, starbright…First star I see tonight…
    A tough decision for sure! But, I’m sure you can sneak a MT trip in the spring… ; )
    Enjoy the journey…sounds like a blast.

  2. You’re on to something. I think we might have to sneak out to MT in the spring, haven’t been out there in march/april in forever.

    I’ll let you know if she sings Lucky Star for you. You’d have to think…

  3. GSFeder says:

    Howzabout an empty picture frame that you fill with a Vogue cover with a cut-out for your face?

  4. gsfeder, brilliant idea with the picture frame. brilliant.

  5. prissy crowe says:

    I fear for your life…New Orleans? Halloween? Voodoo…… hope you get the chance to make another trip to Montana! Have a blast and make someone else take some pics so we can see you!

  6. I sense there will be strength in numbers. we aren’t a subtle group, I imagine most will clear a path

    stay tuned for the full report!

  7. Brian Koz says:

    We did Belize back in ’02, So awesome, The coffee, the culture, the oranges, Scorpions, BOnefish Galore, the guy on the end of the dock with an M-16 (piracy is still active?). We stayed on San Pedro next to Sundiver Resort at Los Encantos~ muy bueno, can’t wait to bring my family. Enjoy your time, watch your step and Drink it up!!!
    Tight Lines,
    Brian Koz recently posted..Where the Yellowstone….My Profile

  8. koz, you have me very fired up for belize. we are fishing 3 days, lounging 2 days…should be a good way to hit the reset button

  9. Eharv says:

    Don’t Cry for Me Argentina and Star Light Star Bright are at the top of my list! I like to sing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina when my children are upset – it usually makes things worse but I feel better. Sorry about MT but I think your trip choices are fabulous. I can not wait to hear about Madonna in NOLA. Have fun

  10. “it usually makes things worse”


  11. Keith says:

    Been keeping up with your blog since i saw an episode on the the outdoor channel when you were fishing with headhunters flyshop out of Craig, MT. Flyfishing has been red hot this year on the Brazos and is probably the best I have seen it in a looooong time! No Argentina but cant wait to hear about your trip! Great blog.

  12. thanks Keith! wow, you are the second person this week that has mentioned the outdoor channel tv show! seems like a long time ago. THAT was a hilarious day on the river

    what part of the brazos? tx, nm? appreciate your comment, don’t be a stranger!

  13. Jan Barfield says:

    I’m thinking you could rename this post: Madonna not Montana :) Y’all have fun!

  14. Jan Barfield says:

    see, Im so new couldn’t tell if I commented or not – goodness! – can I change my name?

  15. No worries friend! I blame the free blogging platforms that sometimes make things seem technically difficult. Yesterday I accidentally left a comment 3x on another blog.

    Thanks for the comment! Love the ‘madonna not montana’ title idea. Will come to you next time I have writers block! Cant wait to report on the weekend…

  16. Keith says:

    Here in the good ole Lone Star state! Actually its somewhere around 18 miles below the Lake Whitney Dam. Clear cool water, private access, just me and the Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass. That and a few Stripers in the mix.

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