Meanwhile, A Few Parishes Away…

Nothing screams “Gone Fishing in South Louisiana!” quite like a Moonpie Hat and camouflage. Not to mention a big ole redfish in your hands. And you make it all look good, baby! Hubba hubba.

While I was gallivanting around New Orleans on my girls trip, the Professor and my dad were about an hour or so south of us in Plaquemines Parish, staying at a fishing lodge called The Woodland Plantation to chase Louisiana redfish for a couple of days. They report that the lodge was super inviting, the staff was friendly, and the food was out of sight. Lightbulb! Maybe some of you ladies should think about a Woodland Plantation gift certificate for your main squeeze for Christmas…just an idea from yours truly…your welcome.

Scratch that. We should plan a girls fishing trip down there since this one was planned without me. Yall know I do not like to be left out of a good fishing trip.

At any rate, they really liked their guide JP, he worked his tail off covering about 60 miles on the water each day. Apparently the first day offered gorgeous warm sunny weather, while the next day was unexpectedly windy and cold.

The main house house at Woodland has all the rooms while a separate old church building, The Spirit Hall, serves as the bar and dining room. Hello charm. Apparently it was moved onto a site where slaves were once buried so now it’s haunted, of course. It is Louisiana after all.


It’s hard to believe they were eating as well as we were up in New Orleans but they did rave about the food. I have to admit, white bean gumbo and this fish dish with crabmeat hollandaise look pretty good. And when is hollandaise ever bad?


JP the guide…


DAY ONE: We’ll call it “Bahamas Bonefish Fashion”. Or…How delightful to be able to wear just some of my lightweight saltwater technical clothing that I over-packed because I have tons of it which I promise my wife I always buy on sale even though the truth is I might have a compulsive gear shopping problem



DAY TWO: “Delta Duck Hunting Fashion”. Or…How quickly a cold front can change everything and suddenly you’re digging spare clothes out of the bottom of your guide’s gear bag and checking under the seat of your truck for a hat that’s warmer than the lightweight, long-billed SIMS you’d planned on wearing the whole time


Hey, hey, we all have to be willing to turn on a dime because Lord knows the weather and the fish always seem to. Glad yall had fun!

She says…choking down her envy.


(Copyright 2012 by Christine Warren)

Okay so I’m a little jealous I wasn’t on this redfishing trip. You too? Feel free to vent in the comments.

Care to read about my frustrating 2010 quest to catch a redfish in LA? If you want to experience the full agony/comedy read these older posts in this order:

9 Responses to “Meanwhile, A Few Parishes Away…”
  1. Katie Reissig says:

    Christine, we are going to have to meet one of these days! We seem to be traveling in the same circles. My husband was @ the Woodland Plantation fishing with Greg from Sportsman’s Finest and 4 other guys the first week of October. And while you were on a girl’s trip to NO, I was on a girl’s trip to Puerto Aventuras, MX to celebrate my upcoming birthday. In fact, my husband is taking me to Triple Creek Ranch in Darby next week to celebrate the big day and do a little fly fishing on the Bitteroot. I enjoy reading your blog and email it to him all the time.

  2. I hope for my family and friends’ sake this is a marquis birthday you have coming up otherwise they need to STEP UP their game on my regular ole birthdays. sounds like you have some incredibly cool trips planned!

    Katie — we do have so much in common, am so happy you reached out. I remember you left a msg on the FFC facebook page about your husband being on the LA trip with greg…such a small world. but then again not really if you’re in the flyfisher scene in central texas. good people. I hope we do cross paths in person sooner rather than later and I hope you share pics from triple creek! we almost went there for my husband’s 50th this summer but he opted for a south fork/luchenbach double celebration instead.

    oh! and I did a fun girls trip to mexico just this past May….even more we have in common:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (please tell me the #. is it a fun one??)

  3. Amy Mac says:

    Christine – what a fabulous blog! Thank goodness you are married, otherwise my husband would leave me so the two of you could just fly fish day and night.

  4. Ha! thanks a million Amy! sounds like we need to get you into fly fishing. any ideas on how we could do that? I’m actually genuinely curious…I am recording a podcast with the CEO of Trout Unlimited tomorrow and one of the topics he wants to discuss is how to get more women into flyfishing. I am stumped on what to say as I came to the sport in a rather unlikely fashion that is not really scalable. I’d be curious your thoughts

    or anyone else’s for that matter. ladies?

    love your blog Amy. look forward to following along…cheers~

  5. Amy Mac says:

    That’s an exciting interview! So, here’s the deal. I’m not exactly an outdoorsy girl. I hear “fish” and I think “worms” and “wet” and “cold” and, um “fish.” None of which is appealing to me (stick with me, this is going to get better.)

    Here’s the thing: I AM always looking for an interesting adventure, something that takes me out of my little suburban box occasionally and reminds me I’m more than a mom, a writer, a wife, etc.

    So that’s what I would do if I were marketing fly fishing to women: how fun would this be for a girls’ trip? Seriously, that is an adventure just begging for a million funny stories you’d never forget. I think it would also be something fun to do with my husband, but I imagine that would be sort of frustrating for him since I know nothing about fly fishing, so market it as “learn how to fly fish in a women-only environment.”

    Then you have your women who ARE outdoorsy, and love anything outside but don’t have the equipment/know-how. That’s just a matter of finding where those women hang out (REI, maybe?) and market it to them!

    Good luck on your interview — send me the link so I can listen!! Amy

  6. great advice. right where I am headed….women need groups of other women to get them started, or ways to get started with their own friends. I have had many a hilarious fishing girls trip and they are priceless. some people take to the actaul fishing more than others, and thats fine. some are hooked for life. others are there for the laughs

    thanks a million for weighing in. really valuable insight!

  7. Katie Reissig says:

    A fun birthday? If you can call 60 fun, then yes, it’s a fun one! For my husband’s 60th in January, we went rooster fishing in Cabo for 3 days, then flew to Guatemala for sail fishing out of Casa Vieja. he has been to Cuba and Yellowknife Canada this year. I’m overdue for a good trip. Hope the Bitterroot in Montana fills that bill and Triple Creek Lodge.
    He got me hooked on fishing in the 80′s. First, dead bait fishing the Texas Coast. Then graduated to live piggy perch for trout, cast netting our own mullet for redfish, artificials in the colder months. Eventually, we evolved into fly fishing. Beautiful locations, almost a zen-like experience. He is tying his own flies now.

  8. sounds like yall are doing the Year 60 proud!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! pls share stories and pics here and/or on FFC facebook. we can all live vicariously through you

    ps, love your evolution to flyfishing story

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