And There Were Bonefish Too

Needless to say I am completely obsessed with the horrible murder that happened right in San Pedro when we were in Belize last weekend. And the bizarro actions of internet mogul John McAfee (computer anti-virus pioneer, yes that McAfee) who is wanted for questioning as a person of interest but is now on the run from authorities. Are you all following this? If not I suggest you take time away from the Petraeus scandal and read up on this lifetime movie in the making.

I can’t shake the thought that we could have been driving by during one of our evening golf cart tours right when the murder happened, no doubt blathering on gleefully about how safe the island felt. When my nighttime cold & flu medicine wore off at 2:42 am this morning it allowed me plenty of time to scour the Internet for more information on the case, trying to pinpoint the exact locations of Faull/McAfee’s homes and recall whether I might have witnessed anything that could help the police. Basically I just ended up confused and stuck on one primary issue. Is this guy John McAfee with his new ‘altered appearance’ or is it the Belizean policeman? Or is it Mungojerrie from the musical CATS?



At any rate, in addition to exciting tarpon and grisly murders there were a lot of bonefish caught in Belize. We were sight-fishing for bones for three days and I can hardly think of a better ways to pass the time. They are smaller there than in the Bahamas, but no less challenging. Shadows and tails provided exciting targets and almost made it seem easy, until you would cast and they would spook. But we persevered and had plenty of occasion to crack open a Belikin in celebration.

Have I mentioned how much we love our guide George Bradley? He is THE BEST. You may recall I fished with him in Belize last year as well. He worked his tail off to find us tailing bonefish for three solid days. (And as you may have already read….tarpon too.) And because George is suffering shoulder problems, he now has his cousin Jose as his poling assistant who was a ton of fun and could also spot fish like a maniac. Quite a team these two. Although I am now spoiled rotten because George basically stood next to me on the bow organizing my extra line at my feet. Line management? What line management, I don’t do that myself anymore!











(Copyright 2012 by Christine Warren)

Raise you hand if you like to bonefish. Raise your hand if you’ve never been but want to go. Raise your hand if you know where John McAfee is hiding in Belize. Donde??…to any/all of the above.

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  1. Dan says:

    El gringo es muy loco. I can’t read enough on this guy right now, check out Gizmodo and Wired if you haven’t read their stories on him yet. NUTS!

    oh, and nice bonefish too.

  2. MUY loco! I have actually started following the Wired journalist on twitter to see real time updates when he hears from McAfee:

    it’s insane.
    glad you liked the bonefish!

  3. They’re pretty! I know nothing about salt water fishing. The closest I get is the Great Lakes. We have pacific salmon here, that’s good enough for me for now.
    Whatthekarp!?! recently posted..Never Underestimate The Power of The Dark SideMy Profile

  4. well I have no experience with pacific salmon so we’re even! sounds like a good gig you have going

    thanks for your comment. bonefish are very pretty, very exotic, very strong fish. and they tend to live in beautiful vacationy places which is the real treat

  5. I have a blog about how we ended up with pacific salmon species in the Great Lakes:

  6. you put the fun in informative! great post. I agree, it’s nice to know how/why certain species appear in certain bodies of water

    nice work!

  7. Thanks, that’s encouraging.
    Whatthekarp!?! recently posted..Never Underestimate The Power of The Dark SideMy Profile

  8. Juan says:

    hey, I am planning on going to Belize next May. Do you have your guide’s info you can send me and any recommendations as to where to stay? Hopefully yhey will have caught the antivirus guy by then.

  9. email I have for george is if that doesnt work let me know and I will ask my husband what he used more recently. book him early!

    we stayed at victoria house. I’ve also stayed at ramones village and an affordable private house across the lagoon to the west

    george has also suggested banyon bay, caribbean villas and coral bay villas, we have our eye on one of those for next time

    let me know if you have other Qs!!

  10. Fly fishing says:

    Bonefis is amphidromous, living in inshore tropical waters, moving onto shallow mudflats to feed with the incoming tide, and retreating to deeper water as the tide ebbs…

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