Centrifugal Holiday Forces Now In Control of My Brain

Running the gauntlet from Thanksgiving to New Years is a fun ride but let’s be honest, it leaves me feeling dizzy, out of control and a wee bit nauseous. We have officially entered that phase where any new appointments, projects, lunches all have to be scheduled “after the holidays”. My thoughts are jumbled, as if they’ve been dumped into a giant holiday salad spinner and some maniacal North Pole vegan elf is pumping away on the handle, whirling my mind round and round.

So with that being said, it’s best to prepare yourself for random, trippy, scattered blogposts out of me in the near term. Like this one which is literally a blend of stream of consciousness thoughts, youtube rabbit trails, and some things off my to do list.

Top on my to do list is censuring and deleting the hundreds of texts and voicemails on my daughters phone asking if we still have any free puppies left.

free puppies

Don’t get excited, there were never any puppies. But teenage Little Chick had the wise idea of prank calling strange phone numbers around Austin. One person got pissed and retaliated by placing Little Chick’s phone number in a Craigslist ad offering “FREE PUPPIES FOR SALE.” (Yes, I see the irony in the for sale part.) It’s actually a brilliantly funny revenge plot if it weren’t so annoying on this end. The saddest puppy inquiry call came from a woman who described herself as lonely and in need of a companion to get through the holidays.

Ugh, killing me. It was so sad I almost considered buying a puppy to sell to her for free.

But I don’t have that kind of time. I’m too busy researching my new honky tonk book and I’ve become obsessed with songwriter Eddie Miller. Heard of him? Well, this behind the scenes magician wrote some of my favorite Patsy Cline songs like Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray, I’ve Loved and Lost Again, and A Church A Courtroom and The Goodbye. Could you die? So I couldn’t deal with the free puppy thing because it suddenly became critically important that I find each of these Patsy songs on youtube. Merry Christmas…


In other honky tonk news I have a fantastic girls roadtrip planned. I will be in Mobile next week and we are making a pilgrimage up to Georgiana AL to visit Hank Williams Boyhood Home Museum. I know. Stay tuned for pics and stories on that one, I literally cannot wait.

Of course I am juggling holiday tasks as well. Like transferring my comprehensive naughty/nice lists into Excel files, figuring out how to make the family look better than fiction on our Christmas card, and searching high and low for my favorite holiday accessory that I can’t seem to lay my hands on.



(Copyright 2012 by Christine Warren)

So how are yall holding up? Feeling the holiday heat yet? Please don’t tell me you’re finished with all your shopping and already have food in the freezer and clean sheets on the bed ready for out of town relatives.

8 Responses to “Centrifugal Holiday Forces Now In Control of My Brain”
  1. I decorated early – done. However, the sheets aren’t clean and I haven’t bought a single gift. I was thinking about giving puppies . . .
    Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co. recently posted..Kickstart Jordy Searcy!My Profile

  2. Kaari Dahl says:

    The free puppies revenge is pretttyyyyyyy awesome!

    Speaking of, I could really use a puppy. So if you could send one up to Seattle, that would be great.

  3. We put up a string of lights, our 9 month old loves it. And Christmas music will play until December 26. I hope that’s the extent of our Christmas celebrating. Oh, and I think there’s going to be a tofurkey for Christmas dinner.
    Whatthekarp!?! recently posted..Catching Salmon and Big Trout in the Great LakesMy Profile

  4. Hope – puppies are a great gift idea. trust me, from the responses we’ve had, they’re a really hot item for xmas 2012

    Kaari — yeah, it is actually super funny. a tad creepy that a stranger put my child’s # on craigslist, but otherwise really hilarious

    Karp — you’re way ahead of me. we have programmed a few holiday music stations on xm. and we bought a tree in NC. but it’s in the shed, we haven’t put it up yet. have to wait until the whole family convenes in mobile which is where we are celebrating this year. I have loosely planned a xmas eve menu, so that counts, right?

    it is still november. deep breaths, deep breaths

  5. Amy Mac says:

    I am so ahead of the game with Christmas, I’ve actually done a few tasks for Christmas 2013.

    That is a lie.

    I refuse to do a single, solitary thing for Christmas until that calendar rolls over to Dec. 1. Seriously, I am on the fence as to even allowing a Christmas tree into my home prior to tomorrow a.m. I did purchase Holiday stamps a few weeks ago when I was in the PO, but it wasn’t because I was organized or anything. Total happenstance.

    I am going to think all weekend about how to get that Craiglist guy back.
    Amy Mac recently posted..You Show Me YoursMy Profile

  6. Katie Reissig says:

    I am off on another girl’s trip as well. Still celebrating the big 60 with 3 girls in Sedona AZ.. Will be staying in Oak Creek Canyon where I hear there are rainbows and browns. Will take my 3-piece, 5-wt Winston Joan Wulff Special (an anniversary present years ago) just in case. Have fun in Georgiana!

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