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Have you ever heard of Arlie Duff? He was a middle school teacher and songwriter from Texas, prominent in the 1950s, and garnered the nickname “The Singing School Teacher.” He only had one hit song of his own as a singer, Yall Come, an upbeat country staple that has been covered by a coterie of who’s who in country music. Perhaps my favorite on youtube is the clip of Loretta Lynn making a guest appearance on The Dukes of Hazard getting everyone in Hazard Country, including Boss Hogg, to sing a rousing rendition of Yall Come.

Just as the song lyrics are simple and sincere, my blogpost message today is both simple and sincere. I’d like to invite you to a special fishing/conservation event here in Austin Tuesday Jan 8th, 5:30pm at Abel’s on the lake. (I have to specify just in case any of you old timers like myself might instinctually end up at the old dive bar near campus.) It’s Abel’s on the lake, people, we’re grown ups now, come on.

Here’s the deal, Scott Hed, Director of the Sportaman’s Alliance for Alaska has come all the way to Austin Texas to talk with us about what’s going on with the Save Bristol Bay and the NO PEBBLE MINE campaigns….not because he is a prophet and wanted to avoid the earthquake in Alaska, and not because he has snowbird tendencies. It’s because we all NEED to know what is going on up there.

But, because we are the Austin flyfishing community that we are, of course it also has to be a good time. How much fun is this going to be?

save bristol bay poster

Raffle prizes, snacks, cool footage, Alaska salmon tastings, bullshitting with friends. It’s a win-win. Plus, who’s got the over under on whether Little Chick will try some wild salmon?

If you are central Texas fishermen, yall come. If you are conservation minded people, yall come. If you are bored after the holiday buzz and need something to do, yall come. If you listed ‘Learn to Fly Fish” as a 2013 goal yall definitely come. The fishing brain trust will be here, no better place to get some good intel and support to get you started.

Basically, in the words of Arlie Duff, YALL COME!

Save Bristol Bay Roadshow & Party

Abel’s on the Lake

Tuesday Jan 8th 5:30pm

Arlie Duff leading the band to his classic hit YALL COME
Loretta’s guest appearance on the Dukes of Hazard gets everyone singing YALL COME. This could be us at the Save Bristol Bay Event at Abels yall, who knows…
5 Responses to “Yall Come”
  1. Nate says:

    Looks like a good time, a little far away for me though.
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  2. Bob Craig says:

    just for fun gear parody – http://youtu.be/AuqUc4cPeI8

  3. I don’t know which part I liked more, the float tube tutu or the hemos hanging off his hat! very fun, thanks for sharing!

  4. Charles Elliott says:

    Hi, I remember him and his family well. He was one of my high school basketball coaches in the early 50′s. He was not only a great musician, but an all-around good guy. He could also shoot baskets better than anyone I knew at that time. I went to Warren High School and was blessed to have many great teachers, close family, good friends, and a whole community that supported and encouraged each other – just like his song said! After I graduated from Warren High School, I went to college and left the area. I saw him back there once or twice since then, but that was years ago. Some of my family still live there and some of his relatives also live in that area. BTW, Warren’s new Sports Arena was named in honor of my late brother, John Elliott, who was a star football player for Warren High School, then The Texas Longhorns, and then the New York Jets, where he played on the team that won Super Bowl III. Warren is located 55 miles north of Beaumont, Texas. There have been several very talented musicians from Southeast Texas over the years. “Coach” Duff also wrote “It’s The Little Things” performed by Sonny James which was released in 1967 and was Number 1 on the Hit Singles list for 5 weeks and stayed on the list for 14 weeks. Thanks for posting this. We live in Tennessee, but are still TEXANS.

  5. That is TOO COOL! Thank you so much for sharing your stories about “Coach Duff” — and I know you are so proud of your brother!

    I learned about Arlie Duff through Ernest Tubb. I have also loved Tubb’s song “Another Story” (his last hit I believe) and one time I found a youtbube video of him singing it and as he introduces it he credits Arlie Duff as the songwriter. So I researched Arlie Duff and just loved his story. and the videos I found on youtube of Yall Come were awesome

    For the record….I know exactly what it’s like to be a Texas in Tennessee. I moved from Dallas to Nashville when I was 12. I guess I always had too much TX in me because I moved back here two times…it finally stuck since I’ve been in Austin for 13 years now. But I am a TX-TN girl

    Thanks again for your comment. Made my day!

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