Lord of the Rings

Last Labor Day weekend we were in Frontier Anglers in Dillon MT chatting it up with the owner, our good friend Tim Tollett. I don’t know how I could have missed this over the past few years but for the first time his ring caught my eye and I asked him if it was new.

“No actually, I’ve had it for ever. It’s my wedding ring.”

My up-til-then lack of observation skills aside, I keenly sensed there was something extra cool about this good-looking ring and asked for more detail. Prepare yourself for the best wedding ring story ever.

When Tim and his wife got married, they received a good bit of silver from her grandmother and decided they didn’t really have a use for formal place settings. So they took it up to Conovers where there used to be a jewelry maker.

Tim stopped to ask if I was familiar with Conovers.

Oh yeah. It’s a trading post in Wisdom MT on the Upper Big Hole that offers a smattering of sporting goods, hunting and fishing supplies, souvenirs, and Indian jewelry. But perhaps its biggest draw is its fabulous sign and façade which has lured in many a professional and amateur photographer through the years, myself included. Sassy pose Pocahontas.


At any rate, Tim gave the jewelry maker the grandmother’s silver which was melted down to make the ring. Tim also gave him the horn from an elk that he had shot himself. Waaat? Sorry, but could this wedding ring be any cooler? Apparently the elk horn used to be more brown but has polished itself over the years to a glossy white finish.

IMG_5641 - Copy (2)

I always knew Tim Tollett was a badass. Not to mention a good sport and incredibly patient with a nosy busy-body like me getting all up in his world while he’s manically tying flies to try and refill his crane fly bin.


Cheers Tim! see you in a few months…

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  1. kalamityk8 says:

    When I first saw the title of the post, I thought this was going to be about Onion Rings. But I see it’s even better than that. Really cool story and idea. Thanks FFC!

  2. now I’m hungry for onion rings.

    glad you liked it K8!!

  3. Thom Sheue says:

    You need to come to Jackson Hole sometime and fish for Cuttys!!! Anytime around Labor Day is the best time for the upper Snake River. Spring time the upper Green is awesome and the Henry’s Fork of the Snake is also awesome. The South Fork of the Snake, the Green and the Henry’s are about a hour and a half from my house in Wilson Wyoming. We live just off the Snake at the Wilson bridge put in. My wife Dawn is just begining to flyfish and is loving it. She fished the Madison River last fall on a Sunday and caught 8 fish all over 20 inches. She’s hooked!!! Call me at (307) 730-0300.

    Thom Sheue

  4. I love the Henry’s Fork, first place I ever fished! that is a beautiful part of the world for sure…I’ve never fished the Green but I’ve done the south fork of the snake….last year we did the canyon section to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday. spectacular. glad to hear your wife is loving it! can’t wait to hear more of her stories too!

  5. Hey,

    Yes that is a very cool ring… wonder if wifey would be in for an upgrade… Ring that is, not husband.


  6. ha! yes, keep the wife, trade the ring.

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