Sorry For The Poddy Rocking

Whew! I made it through this podcast interview with Trout Unlimited without developing a case of Tourette’s and accidentally blurting out an obscenity or random thought about how french fries are really better for you than baked potatoes. (I am always trying to convince my husband of this.) And of course we are ALL lucky this interview was recorded before Blake Shelton made those disparaging remarks about country music legends or I might have hijacked the entire podacst as a platform to wage war with Mr. Miranda Lambert and show my support for Ray Price.

But as it turns out, I was perfectly well behaved so they published the podacst yesterday. I am very honored that Chris Wood, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited, invited me to be a guest on his podcast series, and we really had a great time talking – I think we could have gone on and on! I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to our conversation. We cover:

1. How I chose the name FLY FISH CHICK for my blog

2. My book PADDLEFISH and the arduous river adventure, The Texas Water Safari

3. How to get more women into flyfishing; why it’s a challenge; what I think we should do about it

Really you should listen to the podcast for topic number three as we had a fairly interesting dialog about getting women into flyfishing. Unless you haven’t bought a copy of Paddlefish yet, in which case you should focus on the part in the middle. And then the part about women in fishing.

Hell, just listen to the whole thing…

Thanks to Chris Hunt and Chris Wood at TU for making this happen! And if any of you have additional thoughts on how to get more women to the sport of fly fishing, as always, feel free to shout it from the mountain top….or the comments. And maybe shouting is a bit extreme…all caps are so 90s. Regardless, we’d all love to hear your thoughts!


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6 Responses to “Sorry For The Poddy Rocking”
  1. Just listened to your podcast. What you described is exactly the problem our club is facing. We have women members and I think many feel they aren’t learning anything. Our club doesn’t really have a teaching function. We provide a resource of where to fly fish and what to use but there isn’t really a holding hand mentorship program. I have been trying to get this for years. The problem is a few things. One is finding people willing to volunteer “their free time” a.k.a fishing time to teach people to fly fish. The second is finding people who are willing to do this that are actually good teachers. The way we handle this now is refer female members to the free Orvis Fly Fishing 101 and tying clinics. I’m really happy Orvis provides these classes and they fill up quickly with a lot of women. I hope in the future we can find ways to make our more club welcoming to female fishermen. It’s not only female fisherman who suffer from us not having these resources it also effects newbies to fly fishing. Again we have thought of ideas like getting a sponsor or mentor for new members who can show them the ropes. We ran into the same problem of people volunteering their time for this. I think this year we might actually shell out club money to pay for guides and instructors. There’s obviously a demand and need for it.
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  2. Linda says:

    I am so happy to hear that TU is interested in what women need to get out on the water. As a newbie to the sport I have struggled to find other women to talk fishing with and share experiences. Thank you for recognizing a need and working to meet it!

  3. Feather Chucker — kudos to your club for being as active as it is. fly-fishing clubs are wonderful resources. I think most are stretched with same challenges of “teaching” and recruiting and certainly go through phases based on membership at any given time. partnerships with fly shops is a good way to solicit hand-me-down gear to have on hand for novices visitors. flyshops and local TU chapters can also help provide speakers, casting instructors and guides. there’s no clear cut answer, but sometimes its as simple as placing a badge on your club’s website or image on the newsletter that plainly states “beginners welcome! women welcome!” Good luck and please do share any ideas that are working for your club!

    Linda– welcome to the greatest sport in the world. flyfishing is a rewarding, frustrating, bonding, spiritual, enraging, connecting past time. I recommend scouring fly fishing blogs, more and more womens groups are popping up online everyday. and never be afraid to plant yourself in a flyshop for an hour or so and TALK to them. ask questions. I used to be intimidated that if I weren’t buying anything, I couldn’t loiter in there. that’s BS. as my dad told me way back then, “any flyshop that doesn’t encourage beginners or even advanced anglers to hang out and share information isn’t worth a $H!T”

    If you don’t have a flyshop in your area, get online, find flyfishing discussion boards, visit a local ff club. sometimes kayak or paddling clubs have people that like to fish as well. I have found women who like to paddle are ripe to learn how to flyfish. if you can find a partner (or two) in crime, you are golden!

    finally…this goes to clubs, beginning women, flyshops etc….turn it into a fundraiser. get a guide and/or casting instructor via TU or Casting For Recovery, make it a fundraiser for the day. you can learn a ton at these casting for recovery womens events! I participated in on with Tailwaters in Dallas years ago and really enjoyed it. casting….gear….fly selection…knots. we covered it all!


  4. In your suggestion to Linda you brought up a great point. This goes for newbies to fly fishing and women if you want to really learn alot you have to get out of your comfort zone. Talk to other members and you’ll soon find out who wants to help and who could care less. I have made more friends through my fly fishing club than any other organization I have been involved with. All of these relationships were mainly started by a conversation that lead to a fishing trip which almost always leads to freindship. The members of my club also have a tying night. Where guys just go to drink beer, share fishing stories or some might say lies. This function builds more camaraderie than anything. There’s a time and a place for instruction too. If you’re on a fishing trip with a member you just met if you want to be taught things make those expectations up front. Most guys want to fish when they go fishing. There’s a lot to be said for what you can learn just by hanging around people. I think a good tip is to learn what you can on your own. Find friendships with in clubs. Ask questions when the opportunity presents itself.

    I like your idea about a fundraiser, I’m going to bring that up to the board.
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  5. Linda says:

    Thanks for your comments! I did just as you suggested, went to my local fly shop and hung out and even got an invite to fish! They are putting on an Expo at their shop in April and I plan to spend the day there learning all I can. I am going to give them a call and suggest they add a little something for the women and see how it’s received. Went to F3T and watched amazing films and was inspired. Will be attending a free fly casting seminar put on by the local Federation club as well. I taught another woman friend to fly fish recently (anyway I shared what I’ve learned so far) and we’re both going to the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, CA together. All in all, I am looking at all possibilities to immerse myself into this sport I’ve come to love! Thanks for your suggestions and response!

  6. Rock on! Linda you are in it, that’s awesome. I look forward to hearing more and more of your fishing stories and its’ wonderful you are connecting with so many other fisherman, men and women, at all levels. it’s a lifelong sport and the people really make it. I went to the pleasanton show a few years back, way fun. Can’t wait for more stories….Cheers!

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