Slack Tide

In case I haven’t bumped into you recently let me go ahead and tell you what I’ve been telling everyone I encounter lately, “Did you know that I caught my first tarpon? Want to see a picture of my first tarpon? Yes, I actually did catch my first tarpon.”

You see, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to get out and fish that I’m starting to twitch like a crippled grasshopper on the water’s surface and chant to myself over and over again like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman, “I caught a tarpon in Belize, I caught a tarpon in Belize. Three minutes to Wapner. I’m an excellent driver. Three minutes to Wapner. I’m an excellent driver. I caught a tarpon in Belize.”

Life is just so damn busy! I know what you’re thinking…cry me a river. And while you’re at it cry a river with 20” brown trout who like to sip dry flies. (Shoot, there I go again, the mind wanders all on its own.) The reality is I am in that slack tide time of year, fall fishing is drifting further and further behind me while summer fishing is slowly making its approach. In the meantime, I am just floating in between with less propulsion than a Carnival cruise ship. Suspended. Stranded. Starting to list.

I have been so swamped with real life, a part-time J-O-B, and full time writing that I barely have time to fish or even blog about not fishing. (You may have noticed it’s been quite still in here lately.) The good news is that I am really very excited about Book #2 which is unfolding as we speak. I am writing all hours and my head and heart are completely immersed. The subject matter is the history of honky-tonk music…intertwined with stories from my life. I have been researching like a mad woman for months and fine tuning the outline. I have had the pleasure of interviewing redhot musicians like Kelly Willis, Monte Warden and Cody Canada. And I can’t wait to share it with you — which of course will be awhile. My near term goal is to finish the first draft of the full manuscript by Memorial Day so I can head out to Montana footloose and fancy free and drive around with my iphone sticking out of the sunroof snapping pictures like this as we’re heading to the river.

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God, I can hardly wait. I’ve taken to quoting yet another inspirational movie character, Lucky Day (Steve Martin in The Three Amigos), who was imprisoned in a Mexican jail and stretching through every last cell of his fingertips as he tried to reach for the key to his cell.

Gonna make it!
Gonna make it!
Gonna make it!

Hmm…ever notice how a self-help affirmation sounds a lot like the rambling of an idiot savant?



(Copyright 2013 by Christine Warren)

What’s the word? Who’s been fishing lately? Let the rest of us live vicariously through your stories. Don’t be shy…

9 Responses to “Slack Tide”
  1. Keith says:

    My dad and I fished the brazos yesterday and the fishing was red hot. Lots of bass caught on the fly. His biggest of the day was a 6.3lbs largemouth while my biggest was just a little 5lbs largemouth. Ha! You know what they say, a good guide always lets his client catch the big one! It was a awesome day for a paddle and as always with us guys the beer was cold at the end of the day. A great Sunday for sure.

  2. Not-HG says:

    Hey FFC! Let me know when you’re headed north this summer so we can get the prof and fish!

  3. Pete Carrothers says:

    No honky tonk story would be complete if you don’t spin the story of Chuck Berry and how he wrote the song…”Promised Land”….it starts out “Left my home in Norfolk, Virginia…California on my mind”…..well, it seems that Chuck was in prison (for violation of the Mann Act which is a story in itself) and asked the Warden if he could borrow his Rand McNally so he could get the states in the right order….Elvis covered it and I think it was the last thing Elvis recorded. 3

  4. Shannon says:

    I so know what you mean by the “slack” season; it’s almost unbearable. Your book project sounds wonderfully interesting and sufficiently time-intensive to speed the way to opening day. I am ticking off the hours by trolling eBay for bargain fishing gear, none of it actually needed.
    Shannon recently posted..Clean Water, brought to you by IngenuityMy Profile

  5. Keith — envy.

    Not HG — you know it. Memorial day weekend?

    Pete — great music story!

    Shannon — I hear ya sister. and glad you like the idea of the honkytonk book

    cheers all!

  6. NZ says:

    That last photo is amazing, makes me wish I was out in my waders

  7. Nicole says:

    The mirror image on that last picture is absolutely beautiful.

  8. dub says:

    Great blog/site, pretty interesting material. I just started on mysef on brown trout fishing Just getting the hang of things. Take care~

  9. see more says:

    Bel post su argomento da non sottovalutare.

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