Wash or Burn?

Be very very glad this is not a scratch and sniff blog. I am mentally, physically and emotionally crippled after three FANTASTIC days camping in Live Oak, FL at Springfest music festival. Some of you may recall 2008 Springfest was the Professor’s and my first date so this year marked 5 years we’ve been together! Springfest delivered as always…laughs, campfire, drum circle, great music, good food, flowing wine, sunshine, rain. Everything but hygiene. So as I face this nasty suitcase and try to decide whether or not to wash it all or burn it all, I will offer just a few highlights from the weekend.

* Within minutes of our arrival we purchased a mason jar of apple moonshine from some guy cruising around in a golf cart. No one could believe how delicious it was. “Tastes like Thanksgiving in a jar!” It was a real crowd pleaser until the second night when someone spit some of it into the fire and nothing happened. A very scientific study ensued which involved spitting whiskey and vodka into the fire, both of which had enough alcohol content to make it flare. Conclusion: we bought apple moonshine that was practically zero proof. Basically we were passing around a $20 bottle of Mott’s all weekend.

* First music highlight (of many) was the unscripted appearance of Peter Rowan on stage with Keller Williams as they covered “Wild Horses.”

* Next music highlight…every heard a bluegrass band cover ‘Stranglehold’? Cornmeal blew our minds. We’ve heard them at Springfest before and this high energy band just keeps topping themselves. Run don’t walk if you have the chance to see this female fiddle player, you will not believe her talent/showmanship. As one member of our group blurted out after her solo, “SCREAMING F-ING FIDDLE!” Pretty much sums it up.

* We worked up a hunger watching Cornmeal and went in search of the Greek food vendor we’d tried in years past. About 12:15 we raced up to it and I thought I was darling doing my best Bonnie Tyler impersonation singing, “I NEED A GYRO! I’M HOLDING OUT FOR A GYRO TIL THE END OF THE NIGHT!” I’m not sure if the Greek-looking food vendor, tongs in hand, gets that a lot or simply had no sense of humor because he didn’t even flinch.

* It started raining Saturday morning and pretty much rained on us until we left Sunday morning. In preparation for the bad weather, the Professor strung up extra tarps over our tent and dug a trench around it so water wouldn’t seep in. It worked! Thankfully our tent and bedding stayed dry because that was our only reprieve from being wet for pretty much 24 straight hours. We were drowned rats….but the music went on! It was actually pretty fun and hilarious how drenched the entire music park was, it actually added a lot to the overall weekend. One of the best times of the entire trip was our group huddled under our camp tarp during our makeshift pre-show happy hour.

* I was determined to see The Sarah Mac Band who I just learned about right before Springfest. Sarah Mac was recently voted #14 out of the Top 30 Female Voices in America by a very reputable magazine I am too lazy to look up and cite properly. Lucky for her she played at the only indoor stage (typically not a big draw at this gorgeous outdoor festival) but the rain forced people inside and she had a huge crowd. I am telling you….do not delay…..download some Sarah Mac ASAP!!! Go start with her song called “Satisfied.” Yall, this girl is part Aretha, part Janis, part Gladys Knight, and part Adele. NO KIDDING! Her voice was so incredible that  I literally burst into tears after she covered Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me.” That is not hyperbole, you can ask the Professor, tears were streaming down my face. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac Sarah Mac…

* The Saturday night headline act was Old Crow Medicine Show and I thought for sure the amphitheater would suddenly be filled with trout fishing guides decked in SIMMS. They may have all been there but it was hard to tell in the pouring rain and mud as people were covered in tarps and trash bags and hoods and umbrellas. It was a BLAST!! OCMS brought it big time. Highlight for me was when they played “I Hear Them All” with a little detour in the middle as they rocked Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.”

That’s all I’ve got. Can’t type/think any longer. I’ve just been informed I have to work on my taxes which is about the harshest re-entry nightmare I could have imagined. So I will just close by saying I love Springfest. And while I’m already looking forward to Springfest 2014, feel free to enjoy some slideshows from previous years…

Springfest 2008

Springfest 2010

Springfest 2011

Springfest 2012



(Copyright 2013 by Christine Warren)

4 Responses to “Wash or Burn?”
  1. Mark Coleman says:

    Burn. Except the Patagonia. A few days in the sun and it’ll be good as new.
    Mark Coleman recently posted..The Urban HunterMy Profile

  2. Jack Quillen says:

    Ha! I got burned two years ago at Springfest by who I’ll bet is the same moonshine purveyor. In my case it was peach and it might have been 20 proof. My friends still kid me about my naive purchase. It was almost worth 20 bucks fror the laughs we got.

  3. That is hysterical! Bet it was the same guy because he was selling peach too. Too funny. Definitely worth a $20 laugh

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