Not Pulling a New Coke On You

This blog has always been about storytelling…fishing stories, tales of family & friends, travel, food music, life in Austin, life in Alabama. Lately I have been stretched so thin I haven’t had a moment to spare to spin a yarn here on FFC. When you’ve been blogging for years and years like I have sometimes you do wonder if it’s time to hang it up. It can start to own you if you let it. Have you noticed how bloggers are always “closing down their blog” or “quitting their blog” and then you promptly receive an email notice for their latest post just a few days later? Or have you seen those sweeping announcements from friends on Facebook who proclaim that everyone is going to have to reach them via email from now on because they are getting off of Facebook for good…and yet those are inevitably the same people peppering the Facebook newsfeed with extremist political rants just 24 hours later.

I am not quitting my blog. I am not changing the format. I am not going to pull a Michael Jordan-esque retirement just to start posting stories again the following week. I am not going to alter the nature of the site just to revert back to what’s been working for half a dozen years already. I am not going New Coke on your ass.

I am just talking out loud here, trying to explain why it’s a little flat of late. And the answer is LIFE, for the most part. Marriage, family, friends, raising a 13-year old…the joys and responsibilities have been amplified lately. Plus I have started working part-time for my husband’s company which is fantastic, but one more ball to juggle.

And then, there’s my writing. I am working on Book #2 and for some reason I am having a much harder time finding good chunks of time to write on this one. Paddlefish just flowed right out of me, I don’t remember this constant panic that life was too hectic and I couldn’t sit down to right. But for whatever reason this season of my life is so overwhelmingly nuts that I have to fight to write each week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not writer’s block, I love love love writing on the book. It just seems everything externally is conspiring against me to have that quiet time. I have been doing a lot of interviews for this project, which are enriching the story but are a pain in the butt to chase and schedule.

The good news is I am undeterred! I have about eight chapters left to do in the first draft and I hope to have those completed by the end of May. Game on! And because I tend to overcomplicate an already complicated calendar I have some fun outings/soirees/getaway planned along the way. The other thing that has suffered in my focus-on-others schedule is diet and exercise so it’s time to put that back at the forefront of the todo list on a daily basis. It’s just a lot. You know, your life is the same, I’m no different. Doesn’t everyone seem extra nuts these days?

So bear with me. I don’t have time or brain power to offer my full tilt storytelling at the moment. Posts might be a little leaner for a while, a picture/caption, random soundbites, or a few bullet points here and there. They are going to be quickfire updates for the time being. Then someday this summer when you least expect it and you’ve gotten used to my rapido posts I will hit you with another long and winding story.

Until then, I’m not really sure what’s coming your way via this blog. But we’ll find out together.

4 Responses to “Not Pulling a New Coke On You”
  1. Bob says:

    Sounds like life. If you try to best your best in all the areas of your life you will kill yourself. Don’t get so worn out by your standards that you wear yourself out on any aspect of your life. You already do so much that I am inspired!

  2. Melanie says:

    I go with the excuse of season. Winter is different than Spring. We shift up a gear this time of year. All the more important to take good care of you. Hugs.

  3. hugs to both of YOU!!

  4. MTB says:

    Daddy was so scarred by the New Coke that he still orders a Coke Classic just to be sure he gets the original formula!

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