The Last Best Retrace

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted. And I have missed you! It was a fantastic summer juggling family trips with near-obsessive work on my next book. Whew. As of yesterday the manuscript is safely tucked away with the editor, so I have some breathing room to come back to FFC and chat with yall. I thought I would retrace our steps and show you some highlights from Montana Summer 2013.

Little Chick really upped her dry-fly game and was rewarded on The Beaverhead. (She celebrated by going on break and painting her nails. That was a first in the Professor’s driftboat.)


The Madison was fishing well this summer, as evidenced by this nice brown I caught. He was right where he was supposed to be, in the shade behind a boulder on the bank. Perhaps the most exciting fish take I’ve had in ages.


Little Chick and the Professor hiking The Tobacco Roots.


How about these cute Tarheel girls? My roommate from Carolina and her family came out to MT and spent some time with us in Sheridan, which was a BLAST.

carolina girls

In honor of their arrival we had a feast. The Professor put a boston butt on the grill all day. And I made a weird pasta with chick peas and yellow raisins that was largely unsuccessful, but on the bright side…I also concocted a recipe for grilled peaches with honey, goat cheese and roasted walnuts. That was a hit. (And was turned into chutney for the next day’s picnic.)

dinner table

Leftover pulled pork and peach chutney made the journey with us to the Upper Ruby.


Of course we had to visit our friend Scott’s restaurant BANDITO’s in Ennis. Delicious as ever. Queso Fundido….

fly fish chick banditos

After a week at the Troutshack in Sheridan, the Professor had to get back to work so Little Chick and I cruised over to my parents’ house in Wolf Creek.

wolf creek

As always, great to get back to my homewater.


Little Chick and I had an epic day of fishing on the Missouri with new friend/guide, Casey Phelps.

missouri river rainbow

missouri river little chick

Hoppers, hoppers, hoppers. (sigh.)

brown trout on hopper

Of course we carved out time for our second favorite activity in Montana: cooking. Little Chick, my mom and I got carried away making homemade pasta. It was draped everywhere.


And my mom taught me how to make ricotta from scratch. I am obsessed, I have made an obscene amount of it since. We are talking A LOTTA RICOTTA. It’s the only activity I can do while writing/editing so I literally can’t stop making it! I feel kinda bad because at the Professor’s checkup last week his cholesterol was up and the doctor said cheese is the likely culprit. Oops.


And that’s all for now. Until next time, Big Sky. You know we love you.


4 Responses to “The Last Best Retrace”
  1. nate says:

    It’s good to see you back

  2. Thanks Nate! always good to be back

  3. kalamityk8 says:

    From the photographs, it looks like a bunch of fun times this summer! And I’m super impressed by your ricotta making-wow-yum!
    kalamityk8 recently posted..Anglo American Abandons Pebble Mine ProjectMy Profile

  4. Austin Orr says:

    Nothing like a big fish laying right where you think it should be! And, apparently, nothing like a good, old-fashioned nail painting break too :D
    Austin Orr recently posted..The secrets of barefoot wading…My Profile

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