Go Ahead, Judge a Book by Its Cover

I can honestly say I have never worked harder on anything in my life. I don’t know why this book project has mushroomed into such a massive endeavor, but it has. The work is rewarding and the motivation to hold the end-result in my hand is becoming more and more of a carrot. And we’re close, friends…getting very, very close to releasing Honky Tonk Debutante to the printer. I cannot wait!

I have spent the past four months coordinating the cover design, interior layout, editing, editing, editing. And proofing. And editing. And proofing. We are down to the wire and I am still tweaking last-minute mistakes. Misspellings that my eye, after 50,000 re-reads, has converted into what it wants to see as opposed to the glaringly obvious misprint that exists in reality. Apparently the only proper name I spelled correctly in the manuscript is The Ayatollah Khomeini. Which I no doubt just misspelled but am literally too burned out to double check.

And I am so sick of referencing the MLA style guide I could cry.

Except I am also secretly loving it.

This orange notebook with a frequently refreshed copy of the manuscript has become a living, breathing appendage that rarely leaves my side. (Office Depot has made a fortune off of me printing out this 448-page book. What a racket they are running!) I am also covered in red ink as I have red pens in my hand, tucked behind my ear, stashed in purses and in the car. I am suffering an advanced case of Red-pen-it is.


I have teamed with excellent partners for editing, design and production. It has been a treat working with my printer and bindery on production details. I know it seems fairly geeky, but I will admit I was ridiculously excited to receive this dummy proof of the book from the bindery.

book dummy

It is as blank as my mind at this point. But it feels like progress to hold something other than the orange notebook with typing paper.

I truly underestimated how complex the photo process would be for this project. Photo permissions, credits, courtesies. It has been a goal line stand but we finally have all of our permissions in place and have shuffled and reshuffled the photo layout a thousand times. I love where everything landed.

photos spreads

But let’s be honest. A book isn’t a book without a COVER. And I love this one. Love love love. My talented friend Will Hornaday of Hornaday Design upped the ante with this concept. I couldn’t be more excited to share with you…..drumroll please…the cover of Honky Tonk Debutante. Tah-dah!

COVER 615width

It feels so nice to take a break and reconnect with yall here on the blog. Am excited to get back to telling stories and sharing updates (without proofing them.) But as taxing as this book process has been the past few months, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am more passionate than ever about honky-tonk music and CANNOT WAIT to share its history and storyline with everyone. Stay tuned, we are hitting some big deadlines in the next couple of weeks. Honky Tonk Debutante is on track to release Feb 2014.


[Update: Honky Tonk Debutante is now available for purchase! CLICK HERE to buy now.]


(Copyright 2013 Christine Warren.)

8 Responses to “Go Ahead, Judge a Book by Its Cover”
  1. Jack Brown says:

    That is the MOST PERFECT COVER ART FOR THIS TITLE that I can imagine. Looking forward to release. As Honky Tonkin’ is kinda’ like a way of life. 2 thumbs up

  2. Thanks for the kind comment!! what a wonderful thing to hear. REALLY happy that you like it. I think it captures the essence of the story inside. Stay tuned…..working as fast and as hard as we can to bring everyone the book by FEB


  3. kalamityk8 says:

    I love the cover and the title too! Just Perfect!
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  4. thanks K8!!! appreciate the comment so much. cheers!!

  5. Piper says:

    I am so excited to read this. So excited!

    Did I mention I’m excited? I’m totally looking forward to it.

  6. Thanks Piper!!!!! That is very sweet and makes me very happy! xxoo

  7. Jack Brown says:

    Is it Feb. Yet? Are you going to sell any through this site? Hope so! I really don’t like to stand in store lines. “If that will help sway ya on marketing strategies’. Thanks, Anxious Jack

  8. Thanks for your enthusiasm!!! We’re getting close. I will most DEFINITELY be selling the book on this site. Happy New Year!

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