Blend It Like Beckham

beckhams hood

Sometimes it’s hard to find another married couple with whom you can relate, but as you can clearly see, the Professor and I have a lot in common with Victoria and David Beckham. He’s arguably one of the most famous soccer players in history, she, the world’s most under-nourished former pop star. So there’s that, [...]

A Final Dose of Chicken Fried Therapy

cft shoehorn banner CBJ

In the silky-smooth words of Ray Price, Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over… Some of you might already know that before FLY FISH CHICK, I started a blog called CHICKEN FRIED THERAPY. I wrote stories about life as a divorced mom and all the hilarity that came along with that plus being single [...]

Unlike Judy Garland…

I am not over the rainbows. Still love ‘em. Caught this on the Missouri on this evening’s caddis hatch.

Kiss My Bass

Sorry I haven’t written on the blog lately. From the very second I arrived home from our basstastic good time at Lake Toho, I have been chained to my computer tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard on my book. I’m racing the clock on the final weeks until my (revised) deadline. Assuming all things go according [...]

On The Mend

I will be totally honest with you, I’m not great at mending my line. Give me an upstream mend…put a mend in it for me…get that line above your fly…don’t move the fly…too much mend…too little mend. Argh. I have never truly mastered the finesse of the mend. Too much, too little. But somewhere along [...]

Getting Fit with Fitty

Meet my new best friend and sidekick, Fitty. No not that Fitty, this one: “Fitty” is a piece of luggage loaded with books and hand weights so it weighs exactly fifty pounds. And for the next couple of weeks I am going to be hauling it back and forth around my house to train for [...]

Lache Pas La Patate

Lache pas la patate, literal translation is “Don’t Let Go of the Potato.” But when uttered by a Cajun it means “Don’t Ever Give Up” – no doubt a regular battle cry for this hearty stock of people who embody good old-fashioned stick-to-it-tiveness. And gusto. And gumbo. So despite the fact that cold temps and [...]

About As Much Elbow Room As a Public Pool in India


The Missouri River is just a wee bit crowded these days. Water levels are low so the wade fishermen are back. Fish are turned on big time so guides are traveling here from other rivers — unfortunately some of them left their manners at home. The weather has been clear so the recreational floaters are [...]

River Bank Robbers

We spent four days on The Missouri and almost every rising fish we found was tight to the bank – and I do mean tight to the bank. We’re not talking out in the parking lot or loitering on the steps of a local community bank. These fish weren’t handling petty cash in the lobby [...]

Defining Lines

Anglers know something of lines. Wet a line, throw a line, mend your line, strip line, feed line. Slack in your line…or better yet, tension on your line. Lines and patterns are all around us, both in fishing and in life. If you’re a mom, you know there is a fine line between doing something [...]

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