Kids Writing Contest (for a chance to win a rod and reel!)

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Calling all Texas kids who like to fish and want to write about it: This is your chance to win a TFO flyrod and reel! This is a cool opportunity and I am very excited to serve as a judge in GRTU’s first annual Kids Writing Contest. Here’s the scoop… GRTU (Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited) [...]

It’s a Troutapalooza!

Our local Trout Unlimited chapter, GRTU, Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited, the largest TU chapter in the country, and all-around over-achievers, have planned a Texas-sized Troutfest this year and you are invited: Feb 18-20. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Central Texas you do not want to miss the family-friendly activities on the Guadalupe [...]

My Huckleberry Friend

Time to get back in the canoe. With less than five months to train for the Texas Water Safari, I am definitely starting to feel the pressure. I’m gathering up all my cold weather fishing gear/clothing to resume paddle training this week. I’m not going to look like a professional paddler, that’s for certain, but [...]

Tunes, Toobs & Trout

Okay, so we only saw two out of three on the river over Memorial Day. It was a straight-up, knock-it-back, hill country honkytonk holiday weekend. The trout were likely hunkered down low, shuddering in fear and mocking us all as we devolved into my favorite variety of the human species, The Hillbillius Redneckus. Joke is [...]

Life Is a Game of Inches

On any given day you’re going to have your ass handed to you on the river. Like yesterday. I gave those fish everything I had. I left my soul in that riverbed, to no avail. Finally I retreated to the banks to join the beer drinkers and languish in the early evening heat. But we [...]

Going Gruene

Back in February I ventured down to Gruene to fish the Guadalupe and play with friends. Clear water, cold beer, hungry fish, lots of laughs. It was a pretty great way to spend a day…

Hook ‘Em

Yesterday was another great day in the Texas Hill Country. I fished the Guadalupe with a few friends, and we had an absolute blast. A front had moved in the night before so the fishing was a little off kilter at first. The wind stayed strong throughout the day, but when the sun eased up, [...]

The More Things Change…

The Guadalupe River, circa 1975. Between The Hunt Store and Crider’s.   The Guadalupe River, circa this past Monday morning. Between the alarm clock and my todo list.

Sound Presidential Soundbites

I cannot tell a lie. I had to sneak away this morning and do a little fishing on the Guadalupe. Between flu bugs and birthday parties and bronchitis and thunderstorms, it’s been hard to find time on the water. So I decided to play hooky this morning – in the name of Presidents’ Day of [...]

Lone Star Trout

Back in the 1960′s executives at the Lone Star Brewery were no longer satisfied with simply stocking Hill Country bars with beer, so they began stocking The Guadalupe River with trout. I’ve heard it was a publicity campaign. I’ve also read that these were executives who liked to flyfish and simply wanted to be able [...]

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